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September 27, 2011

Sylvania: lighting the way for NASCAR... and you, too

Sylvania 300 Logo When you think of the vehicles of NASCAR and auto racing, you think of the stock cars - finely tuned, powerful machines designed for the extremes of speed with an eye on safety.  The deafening rumble as they start their engines at the beginning of the race, the howl as the round the corners, the intensity of the crashes, the thrill of victory - but do you ever think about how those cars get to and from the track?  The answer is the other hero of the NASCAR story - the haulers, and the vehicles they command.

At last weekend's Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Sylvania shed some lights on the haulers, and helped them shed a little light on the roads, too, with the second annual "Hauler Headlights for Safer Nights" initiative.  As the title sponsor for the race, Sylvania provided 33 NASCAR teams with a set of SilverStar® ULTRA headlights for their haulers, which will help them get their team's pride and joy (and themselves as well) safely to the next destination while driving at night, or through hostile weater conditions.

NASCAR(R) Haulers arrived in Loudon, NH, with headlights ablaze as part of the "Hauler Headlights for Safer Nights" initiative.

The Other NASCAR Drivers

These haulers, truly the unsung heroes of the sport of racing, often drive all night, on twisting rural roads, through all manner of weather, to make sure their team's cars arrive at the track on time, and Sylvania's SilverStar® ULTRA headlights are a whiter, brighter headlight which helps them to see further and wider down the road, and give them more time to react in case of a distraction or hazard.

The “Hauler Headlights for Safer Nights” initiative kicked off on July 14, with the Lenox race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and came to a grand finale with the Sylvania 300 Hauler Parade last Thursday. During this short timeframe, the hauler teams traveled to nine other races across the country, docking more than 5,000 miles.  I was in attendance at the Sylvania 300 race last weekend, and it was awesome - look for my post on this later this week.

With the Sylvania 300 and the "Hauler Headlights for Safer Nights" initiative, NASCAR continues to demonstrate a focus on safety - both on and off the track.  But Sylvania doesn't stop there - they have been providing state-of-the-art technology to consumers for decades.  Since headlights dim by up to 20 percent over time, Sylvania experts recommend replacing bulbs before they burn out, and as we've said here before, always change them in pairs. 

About the Products

Silverstar The SYLVANIA SilverStar® ULTRA headlight bulbs are the brightest street legal product offered by the company. They are engineered to achieve the highest levels of performance in light output and color, and like all Sylvania products, are 100 percent street legal and DOT compliant.  SilverStar ULTRAs are up to 50 percent brighter compared to worn standard halogen headlights, allow you to see 40 percent further down the road,  and also illuminate up to 50 percent wider on the sides.  You can get these great headlights at any major auto parts store for $49.99.

Restoration Plus - as we told you over the weekend, keep an eye out for yellowing!  The Headlight Restoration Kit from Sylvania was designed to remove thousands of miles of damage and restore headlight lenses to provide durable and like-new performance in light output.

For more information from OSRAM SYLVANIA on improving driving visibility, visit


  Jody DeVere President & CEO
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