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August 02, 2011

The Turtle Wax Summer of Pride: Pride at Home

AskTommyLogo It's August, and the Turtle Wax Summer of Pride is rolling right along. The first round of our Summer of Pride game has come to an end, but with a new month comes a new opportunity to Share Your Pride and enter to win. Last month we told you about our Turtle Wax powered car wash, but it's time to see what Turtle Wax products are really capable of. This month we're bringing Turtle Wax home and sharing some innovative uses of Turtle Wax products in the kitchen, bath, and garage. 

Surprised? Don't be! Turtle Wax has a long history of producing great products that are effective not only on the car, but are also great (and safe) to shine and protect almost any surface at home, too – and what better way to start than with the Turtle Wax flagship product, Super Hard Shell wax.

1_Kitchen Super Hard Shell in the Kitchen – There are many surfaces in your kitchen that are pretty similar to your car – the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator exteriors can all be given a shine with Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell. Formica countertops, too, can be protected with Super Hard Shell. If you have wooden cabinets you need to protect, Turtle Wax has a solution for you there, as well – try using Express Shine Spray Wax on them. When using Turtle Wax in the kitchen, though, don't go overboard – use less than you think you'll need, and add more as necessary. Using too much wax here at home can have a tendency to dull rather than shine – so when it comes to Super Hard Shell at home, a little goes a long way.


2_Bathroom Super Hard Shell in the Bathroom – Your bathroom has a lot of surfaces that are similar to the kitchen, so it comes as no surprise that Turtle Wax Super Hard shell can give your bathroom the same shine and protection here – but before you go and wax up the tub, heed this warning: Turtle Wax on the walls of your shower is fine, but don't use it on the surfaces you stand on, unless you want to slip-and-slide through your showers from now on. 


3_Garage Super Hard Shell in the Garage and Beyond – There's more in that garage but just the car, you know. Give Super Hard Shell a shot at protecting your patio furniture, garden tools, skis, snowboards, and even golf clubs – the Super Hard Shell seal will protect these items from the elements and keep corrosion and rust at bay on your tools. And hey, if you have other vehicles like a boat, jetski, or snowmobile, give them a Turtle Wax shine as well!


4_Zipwax Turtle Wax Zip Wax for the Home – The mild, rich, deep-cleaning suds of Turtle Wax Zip Wax float away dirt and grime, leaving a sparkling Turtle Wax finish, and it's great for use around the house and patio... This stuff is perfect for fiberglass awnings, garage walls, windows, metal doors, decks, aluminum and vinyl siding, charcoal grills, sporting gear, and the list goes on and on. It's gentle, effective, and safe for virtually any surface. If it has a surface that could use a shine, you can use Zip Wax on it.


So what are you waiting for, Ask Patty Nation? Get that Turtle Wax in hand and add a little Pride at home! 

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