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July 08, 2011

The Turtle Wax Summer of Pride: Having Pride for your Ride

AskTommyLogo This summer, Ask Patty has teamed up with the gang at Turtle Wax to bring you the Turtle Wax Summer of Pride! All summer long you'll see info from Ask Patty and Turtle Wax on the best uses for the Turtle Wax product line – and not only on your car! We'll be sharing great tips on how to put those Turtle Wax products to use in your car and at home, to help you prepare for the inevitable end of summer this September. Plus, we'll also be running the Summer of Pride Game all summer long: your chance to share your pride for your ride and win great prizes.

First, though, we'll start simple: with a Turtle Wax powered car wash.

I don't know about you, but I like for my car washes to start from the inside out. I always take the opportunity to pull out those random items that tend to wind up in my car somehow, including the odd fast food bag or beverage cup – I've no shame about these things. We all clutter our 
a bit. After all, they're our home on the road! Once I've trashed the junk and stowed the sundries in better homes than under my seat (how some things get down there I'll never know), I give the interior a good vacuuming and then it's time to shine the dash and door panels, which brings me to our first Turtle Wax item you may not be familiar with:

Fresh Shine Protectant_Coconut_T337 Turtle Wax® Fresh Shine Protectants are a 5-in-1 interior product that cleans, shines, protects, deodorizes, and leaves a lovely scent to all of those interior vinyl, plastic and composite hard surfaces. You can choose from Coconut, Outdoor Fresh, Berry Blast, and New Car scents – I opted for the Coconut, because if I can't make it to the beach I at least want my car to smell tropical in the summer! The application couldn't be simpler: you can apply with a cloth, or just spray directly to those interior surfaces, and let it work its magic for two minutes. After that, an easy polish with a cloth will dazzle you. I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of shine this stuff gave me.

ICE All Wheel & Tire Cleaner_T463 Once the interior's done, it's time to take care of the outside, and that begins with a pre-soak, including the tires. ICE® All Wheel & Tire Cleaner is formulated with a 3-in-1 type formula. It not only cleans the wheels and tires, but also contains dirt repellent polymers that help reduce build-up of brake dust and dirt on your wheels, making it easier to clean the next time you wash your car. Application, again, is pretty simple, but hold your horses: make sure you wet the tires first, and if they're very dirty, you may want to give them a pre-scrubbing. I just sprayed a little water on mine and followed with the cleaner. Once it's on, give it 30-40 seconds, and then hit it with a brush and rinse. You'll be shocked how clean your tires come out.

Ice_Car_wash Now it's time to get our ride nice and clean, and there's no better way than with ICE® Car Wash. This isn't your everyday car wash soap – Ice is packed full of specially-crafted cleaners and agents that gently wash away dirt and grime, protect your paint job, and leave behind a flawless shine. It comes in a pretty hefty 64 oz. bottle, but goes even farther than that, because it's concentrated. Just one ounce of that bottle makes a whole gallon of cleaning power. Give the car a good rinse before you go to work, and wash from the top down using a sponge or mitt. Here's a tip: when washing with a sponge, resist the urge to wipe in circles! This can cause small scratches to appear in your finish, and no one wants that. Always wipe horizontally, in straight lines. Rinse, dry, and you're all done.

ICE Tire Shine_T462 After washing our car with Ice Car Wash, let's apply one last product for that last special touch, the frosting on the cake: ICE® Synthetic Tire Shine. This stuff is pretty amazing.  The wet, high gloss shine will most definitely rival any competitive tire shine product, but take note: before you apply this stuff, your tires need to be clean and dry, unlike the wheel cleaner we used earlier. Also, a personal anecdote, I applied the tire shine with my car parked in its usual spot outside my house, and it worked beautifully – both on my tires, and on my pavement. Ha! I now have four crescent-shaped glossy spots where I usually park. So, unless you want to give your whole driveway a high-gloss shine (which could have its benefits, I suppose), pull the car into the grass, or just use some spare cardboard pieces as a shield. Easy enough!

Black Detailer_T319 I gave my car a pretty thorough cleaning with these Turtle Wax products, but I've only scratched the surface of the wide array of products available. One item I did have but wasn't able to use, for instance, was the Turtle Wax® Black Detailer. Meant for black cars (obviously), it contains black pigments to help hide surface imperfections,. and help prevent incidental swirl marks from microscopic dirt and dust particles. Now, my car happens to be sapphire blue, so this one didn't really apply to me, but if you have pride in your black ride, this is the product for you!


Do Yourself Proud this summer with the Turtle Wax Summer of Pride. Happy car cleaning!



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