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July 03, 2011

Support Her Independence: Curry's Auto Service and Tire Pros Charms Female Veterans

Flag1 Happy Fourth of July, Ask Patty Nation!  Today those of us in the US celebrate our Independence Day, where we threw off the chains of British oppression and began the long journey of building our own country - thankfully, we've made up with the British since then and now we're good friends, but we've also managed to make a couple of new enemies along the way, so as well as being our nation's birthday, Independence Day tends to be a day of celebration and honor for those who serve us today, keeping us safe and making sure that we stay independent.

To that end, one shop from our legion of Certified Female Friendly® automotive service providers, Curry's Auto Service and Tire Pros, with 8 locations in Northern Virgina, is doing something a little special to support the women who have given so much for us.  They put it better than I can, so I'll just repeat it.  Head past the jump for the details on this wonderful endeavor.

Support Her Independence

In honor of Independence Day, we are asking all Veterans, friends and family of Veterans, and Veteran supporters to pre-order an "Honor" charm in support of homeless female Veterans.

The "Honor" charm has been created by Kristin Springfield of Womenly Journey and only costs $25!

100% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Final Salute, Inc.

You can attach this beautiful charm to your ID (dog) tags, bracelets, necklaces, rear view mirror or give it to a Veteran in appreciation for their service.

You can pre-order the "honor" charm online at  And finally, from all of us in the Ask Patty Nation to all of you out there who are serving, or have served:  THANK YOU.  Have a safe and wonderful fourth, everyone.

Take a look at the original page over at the Curry's Auto site:

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