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July 11, 2011 CEO Prepares to Tell Quick Lubes “What Women Want” at iFlex

Press_release_distribution_0133894_19840 Automotive Marketing to Women pioneer and CEO of, Inc. Jody DeVere is preparing for her trip to Texas this August. Jody, whose company has just joined the American Oil Change Association, will be speaking at the iFlex expo in Dallas, Texas (, presented by the AOCA, on the importance of women consumers in quick lube and automotive service marketing. The title of her session gets right to the point: “What Women Want.” The blunt title is no accident, either, because a warm no-nonsense, direct, and honest approach is exactly what women are looking for when it comes to having their car serviced, and they hold the purse-strings.

Business Week reports that women make over 80 percent of the buying decisions in U.S. households today. “In effect, women have become nearly every family's chief purchasing officer," says Jody DeVere, president and CEO of "Creating an experience that 'WOWs' women will increase market share, drive ROI, and differentiate automotive retailers.” DeVere believes this message, coupled with her female focused company's new AOCA Member designation, will help quick lube providers across North America keep a finger on the pulse of the female consumer, building trust and earning loyal business.

About The iFlex Expo

The iFlex International Fast Lube Expo, the convention and expo for the fast lube and automotive maintenance industry, is held annually in Dallas, Texas. This year's expo take place at the Dallas Convention Center in the Hyatt Regency Dallas this August 9-12. The expo is presented annually by the Automotive Oil Change Association.

The Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) is a non-profit trade organization representing the convenient automotive service industry. The association was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Richardson, Texas. AOCA is dedicated to enhancing the competency of fast lube owners, educating the public about the benefits of preventive automotive maintenance and maintaining a favorable business environment for the industry.

About Jody DeVere
Jody DeVere is the CEO of, Inc, a website, blog, and marketing to women agency providing automotive education to women consumers, as well as training, ongoing marketing support and education, and certifications to car dealers, independent service locations, tire dealers, collision centers, fast lubes, and other automotive retailers. As a social media marketing to women expert, journalist, car care expert, and safety spokesperson, it has been a primary goal to promote, mentor and support careers for women in the automotive industry, and she has more than twenty-five years of achievement as a successful entrepreneur focused on sales and marketing leadership to assist her in this quest. She is a champion for women in the automotive industry, and her company serves as the first point of contact for many women who are seeking the very best in car sales and service across the United States and Canada.

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