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July 13, 2011

Ask Patty Congratulates the US Women's Soccer Team!

Photo:  Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP I'm not a huge sports fan, but you'd have to be living under a rock to miss the pretty amazing news from the World Cup:  the US Women's Soccer team managed to pull out an unexpected and completely unbelievable over the much-favored Brazil team.  I won't bore you with an analysis of the game, because I'm not really equipped to offer such an analysis, but suffice it to say that even the just-the-facts FIFA play-by-play summary punctuated some of these plays with multiple exclaimation points.

Whether you're following the events of the World Cup or are just peripherally aware, know this:  Sunday's against-all-odds win is one for the history books.  We don't write about sports very often here at the Ask Patty Blog, but we do write about amazing women, and these women most definitely fit the bill.  From the whole Ask Patty Nation, CONGRATULATIONS, US WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM!

Check out reactions and commentary (and read about some other amazing women in sports) on's ESPN-W portal.

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