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June 27, 2011

What is your Life's Road Trip Style Behind the Wheel?

My road trip plan this summer is to drive to Lake Tahoe, Calif., with my parents and sisters for a family reunion. Our family spent many wonderful summers on road trips to visit National Parks camping, hiking, enjoying fun times, playing games and singing around the campfire. I love the freedom of road tripping and choosing to go where I want and do what I want.

What is your life's road trip style behind the wheel?

  • Green Blur - Getting from point A to  point B as quickly as possible with the fewest short stops.
  • Meandering Maven - Stopping to wander off your route to take pictures and admire the sights.
  • Ms. Organized - Planning road trips around the best gas prices, hotels deals and pit stops.
  • Short & Sweet - Staying local with short and fun adventures at local parks, lakes and beaches.
  • Adventure Prone - Finding places off the beaten path to explore.

Whether your road trip takes you and your family on a short jaunt to your local park, lake, beach, or across the country this summer, gas prices are definitely a consideration. 

Many families like mine are keeping their vehicles longer, resulting in added maintenance expenses. My road trip vehicle to Lake Tahoe this summer is 11 years old. Do a complete inspection and have a regular vehicle maintenance performed on your vehicle to ensure you are road trip ready. Check your tires for proper tire inflation and tread wear, an important safety check you do not want to overlook. If you need new tires, Cooper tires are a sound investment in your family's well-being, allowing you to feel secure while spending time with loved ones so you can focus on life, not tires.

Cooper Tire Choices to Consider: 

Cooper Discoverer CTS – The Discoverer CTS is a premium luxury touring tire designed to deliver higher levels of wet traction and ride comfort, in addition to a premium appearance. The CTS provides superior traction and performance for your high-end SUV, CUV or truck.

Cooper CS4 Touring – The CS4 Touring products have attractive styling, warranty and performance that will appeal to any tire buyer. Size coverage accommodates a wide range of vehicles from sport models and sedans to SUVs and CUVs, for drivers of all ages. The CS4 Touring is Cooper’s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want optimum ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling in a touring tire.

Cooper Discoverer H/T - The Discoverer H/T is Cooper’s premium touring SUV/light truck original equipment replacement tire. It is designed for drivers who want ride comfort, all season traction and a premium warranty in a highway touring tire.

Cooper Zeon RS3-A -
The RS3-A is the latest ultra high performance all-season tire within the Cooper performance family. This all-season performance tire provides the driver with a dynamic handling tire that inspires confidence and control in all seasons.

Cooper Zeon RS3-S - The RS3-S is the latest ultra high performance summer tire within the Cooper performance family. Its low-profile, high performance rating combines world-class dry road traction, handling and cornering with outstanding appearance. The tread compounds are specifically formulated to combine dry and wet traction with crisp handling and high speed capabilities.

Cooper Tire Connects People

Cooper tires are built for life's road trips. At Cooper, we make tires for people, not just cars. We know people have places to go and reasons to get there. And we want to be part of that journey, not just along for the ride. While our journeys may be different, our goals are the same. Going. Doing. Being. So when people choose a Cooper tire, they're getting more than a tire to drive on. They're getting a tire they can depend on. Life's a road trip. Come on, let's go.

Locate a Cooper Tire Dealer by clicking here.

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