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June 20, 2011

Car Business Language & Lingo-Epilogue

“Using All The Terms In One Short Story”

Be-back1-150x150 I was going into work one day and my thoughts were focused on selling a car. I had a couple of bad days where it seemed like everything went wrong. The “Up” I had turned out to be a “Bogue” that was also “Upside Down” in his trade…No deal.

The next “Up” I got wasn’t much better off…He was “Hooked” so bad he didn’t have a chance of doing anything. Then I had a “Be Back” that wasn’t much better off than the first two

“Fresh Ups” I had earlier…He was “Clobbered” and reminded me of the guy I had last week that was “Buried.”

I figured the next “Up” would either be “Hammered” or I’d put a deal together and it would be a “Roll Back.” Yeah, my attitude wasn’t the best so I needed to find a way to get pumped up about selling something. I needed a “Lay Down” bad. Someone that by the time I got done with them, they’d be completely “Laid Away” and it would be a “Spot” with no chance of being a “Roll Back” or a “Re-Con.”

Actually, a “Mind Deal” or a “Get Me Done” wouldn’t be bad either as long as we can get the deal done. I know those are usually “Full Boat” deals, and most of them are “Full Pops.” The last “Get Me Done” I had was a Seven “Pounder.”

We didn’t have to “Bump” the trade either, and I closed the deal myself so I didn’t need a “T.O.” The finance manager had plenty of “Leg” and he even thanked me for the “Juiced” payment.

So there you have it…in under 300 words I was able to use all the words mentioned in the previous articles. Do you know of any I left out?


Scotts-headshot-cityBy Scott Klein
"Your Go To Guy For Candid Car Dealership Information" 
Born and raised in Flint Michigan, I've been around cars my whole life. Since 1983 when I started buying and selling cars at the Flint Auto Auction to the present of being a Sales Trainer for a dealer group in Atlanta Ga, my car dealership experiences run long and deep. In 1986 when I started selling cars to managing all departments in a retail dealership environment, I have the know how to help you navigate the treacherous waters of each step in a car dealership.


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