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March 11, 2011

On This Morning's Events...

Ask Patty has employees and clients across North America, including Hawaii and Alaska.  This morning our hearts are with all our friends who were affected by, or will soon be affected by the earthquake and tsunami this morning. 

Likewise our thoughts are also with all of those who were at the epicenter of the double-disaster in Japan.  We try not to get into religious matters on the blog, but lives have been lost, and the images are terrifying.  For those of you who pray, pray for Japan this morning, and for all of the victims and their families.  

As many of you know, AskPatty is headquartered is in Southern California, and tsunami waves should reach us in an hour or so, as of this posting.  For those of you wondering, we're not anticipating a particularly devastating hit here in our part of the state, but there are many others we know on the west coast who could well be affected yet by this unfolding disaster.  Watch this space for updates, should they be required.

UPDATE:  This just in from Jody:  "Southern California, including the southern half of San Luis Obispo County, and the counties of Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, are in a less-severe tsunami advisory, which means widespread inundation is not expected but that the tsunami could produce strong currents or waves dangerous to anyone in or very near the water."

UPDATE 2, 10:30 am Pacific:  I spoke with our clients Lex Brodie's Tire Co. on Hawaii, and American Tire & Auto in Fairbanks, Alaska this morning - all is well with both of those companies, thankfully.

I also just spoke with Tires Warehouse on Maui, they're just opening now and some employees haven't made it in (and may not make it at all due to roads), but they also report no injuries.

I wasn't able to reach anyone at Island Honda on Maui by phone, but they sent us an email update saying they did experience some flooding in their area, and as of this morning they were unable to access their dealership due to closed roads.  They're unsure of any damage, but they report no one hurt.

No injuries reported from any Ask Patty personnel or clients as of this writing - for which we're all very thankful.


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