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February 04, 2011

Throttle Gals - It's Not Another Men's Magazine

Throttlegals Move over, Hot Rod - Throttle Gals magazine is here to fill an all-important gap in the range of motor-centric periodicals:  this one's for the girls!  Throttle Gals magazine is all about women and the car that she races, drives, off-roads and works on - all the cars featured in the magazine are owned by passionate women drivers.

The featured vehicles range from traditional hot rods to choppers, Jeeps, trucks, race cars, dirt bikes, and on and on. It's a magazine by women motorists FOR women motorists, and Ask Patty approves!  It's a small publication, and I think it deserves the support of a readership as lovely as ours.  Occasionally, the magazine will also a female friendly male builder or shop, to give us as women a friendly place that we know we can go to.  I'm hoping that some of our AskPatty Certified Female Friendly retailers find their way into its pages. 

The magazine and other related swag are available on the Throttle Gals website, and they're also on Facebook.  Get out there and support this one, gang.  This one's for us!

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