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January 03, 2011

Women Wanted: Automotive Career Opportunities for Women

Jody_DeVere_Magnum_Dodge Did you know there is a shortage of women seeking education, jobs and careers opportunities in the automotive industry? Automotive career opportunities range from marketing to high technology and many just require high school diplomas or vocational education! University level degrees are also available at universities like Northwood University's three locations, offering specialized programs for automotive career seekers.

Auto Manufactures, service providers, independent repair shops and car dealerships want to hire more women in management positions, marketing, sales, service advisors, finance managers, parts departments and technicians.  Professional Technicians can earn $60,000 or more per year! Service Advisors can earn up to six figures in some major cities.

There are an incredible number of career choices for women in the automotive industry. Check out our panel of automotive expert women and review all the various roles which include race car drivers, automotive journalists to owners of automotive businesses. The automotive industry and specifically car dealerships and independent service and repair shops are looking to hire more women.  There are many positions available to women in each and every department.

Auto_sales_header Dealerships are high-tech facilities, with challenging and fast-paced work environments, requiring many skilled employees to keep the company running in an orderly fashion.  Coming into an auto dealership from another career path can be an easy transition, since most jobs require a high level of interpersonal skills, as well as technical and computing skills.  Not all jobs require any technical knowledge of automobiles, so there is truly an opportunity for anybody at a dealership.

Administrative & Clerical
Every dealership has needs for friendly, helpful people who like to talk to people.  The ability to multi-task and work well in busy environments is a necessity.  These jobs can be a great stepping stone to other positions higher up within the dealership.  Some entry-level position clerical jobs may have titles such as receptionist, administrative assistant, cashier or secretary.

Many dealerships employ department managers, meaning individuals who have control over one facet of the organization.  These jobs require the ability to manage and motivate employees, as well as keep control of a department and maintain its role in the dealerships success.  Administration and clerical jobs include titles like comptroller, office manager, billing and title clerks, human resources management, and department managers.

Sales & Finance
A salesperson today is far from the stereotype of a sleazy used car salesman.  The ability to form a bond with a customer, work with them as a partner to find a vehicle that best suits their needs, and continue the relationship after the sale are keys to a successful sales career.  The abilities to listen and empathize are skills that many women have an advantage in.

Most dealerships offer an on-the-spot option to finance your vehicle, as well as purchase add-on warranty and insurance packages.  Women in these positions are often able to easily assess customer’s needs and work with them to find solutions.

Amy_Mattinat Service & Parts
Positions in the Service and Parts departments are two of the three areas that require the most technical knowledge of vehicles and how they work. 

In parts, a person has to know what a customer or mechanic is talking about if they need a part, and be familiar with commonly replaced parts of a vehicle. 

Similarly, positions in the Service department may require some technical knowledge of vehicles.  The ability to listen to a customer and understand what they want and need for their vehicle is a key.  The ability to effectively communicate the customer’s request to a technician is another key. 

Many dealerships and independent service and repair shops offer on the job training and education programs.  These are often provided to enhance existing skills, rather than provide the initial industry break-in to the business.

Collision Repair
Collision repair shops sometimes have a wide variety of positions available, not just repair technicians.  Depending on the size of the shop, they may have a receptionist, billing clerk, estimators, painters, paint prep workers, and parts counterpersons as well.  Women can fill any of these roles, while some of them may require some advanced training.

An collision repair shop has many positions that require prior experience or advanced training. Entry-level positions in an collisionrepair shop would include receptionists and billing clerks.

Even though an the auto industry may not be what come to mind as a first career choice,it shouldn’t be.  Every day, women apply for and get jobs in the automotive industy across the US and Canada, in every possible role.  These lucrative and exciting automotive careers are worth investigating!

Are you interested in a career in the automotive industry? Here are some resources for women to check out that offer applications for scholarship programs:

Women’s Automotive Association International

Women’s Industry Network (Collision Industry)

National Automobile Dealers Association

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network


Northwood University


SAE International

Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium


AIA Canada

Automotive Hall of Fame

Car Care Council Women Board

Additional resources for automotive industry scholarships.

For additional info on career opportunities for women in the automotive industry contact at:


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