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January 10, 2011

Greener Car, Fatter Wallet: The Earthgarage MoneySaver Optimizes Your Fuel Economy

Earthgarage is a consumer website which offers consumers a one-stop resource to find out what they can do to make their current car greener.  With over 250 million cars and light trucks on the road in the U.S. and Canada, not everyone is driving the most efficient vehicle possible, and gives those valuable information with a directory of green automotive products and resources.

A special service the site offers is the MoneySaver calculator which shows drivers how to get better gas mileage, lower emissions and save money.  It's a web widget in which you input your fuel costs and consumption, and it tells you how much money you could be saving.   The Earthgarage MoneySaver calculates annual potential fuel savings, carbon footprint reduction and tree planting equivalent.


Widget Some of the other items found on include nitrogen tire inflation, green air filters, Waze, a mobile GPS app that warns of traffic and road conditions based on the live conditions of the road, and the Kiwi, a dashboard unit that teaches green driving skills. 

EarthGarage is a great green resource for consumers, and they're an content partner, so you'll be seeing some articles from them here on the AskPatty blog from time to time.  Head on over and browse the products, try the moneysaver for yourself, and participate in the community to get yourself a little bit greener. 


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