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September 17, 2010

4 Smart Savvy Steps to Buying a New Car

Smartsavvy According to R L Polk, our vehicles are lasting longer and longer with the average life of 10 years.  You may have a car or truck that has been with you for that length of time, or even longer, and now you have decided you need a new vehicle and so you are starting to ask yourself the questions about that new purchase.  We thought we would provide a few steps to help get you started.


First and foremost calculate the amount of funds you have to spend on a vehicle. You may be paying cash but most people are making monthly payments.  So determine the total amount that you can afford.  This includes the monthly payment, the insurance, the gas, the maintenance etc.  Even though the vehicle may be covered under warranty there will be maintenance of the vehicle such as  lube-oil-filter changes, car washes etc.


Second, determine how you will use the new vehicle.  Is this only for commuting back and forth to work?  Are you car pooling and have several people to transport? Do you sometimes need to haul or transport big items?  Who will use the vehicle other than you? How many miles will you drive each year?  Knowing the number of miles you will drive will help determine if you should lease or should buy.  It will also help you determine the amount of gas you will use each year which is part of the expense calculation.  Do an honest assessment of how you plan to utilize the vehicle and it will lead you to the type of vehicle to purchase.


Third, start your research.  There are many places to go on the internet and at the library to give you lots of information and probably more than you will need to access.  Start with the WWW.ASKPATTY.COM web site.  We provide all of the automotive resources that one needs for information about new cars, used cars, services, and products.  We are all time constrained and so we have made this like a “one stop research area” for all your automotive needs. We also have a panel of Expert Women that you can avail yourself to ask questions.

And if you already have a vehicle in mind, go to the Zip Code Search on the AskPatty.Com® site for an AskPatty.Com Certified Female Friendly® dealership near you.  One you find a location, check out their company web site.  Most dealerships have a listing of their new vehicle and used vehicle inventories so you can do some searching for the product that you have decided or are deciding to purchase.  All new car dealerships have their own web site so searching on the Internet by the name of the dealership or by product brand name you are researching should be easy.


Next week, we will provide some information on “How and Where to Finance your new vehicle purchase” and the use of payment calculators.  So be sure to visit us at WWW.ASKPATTY.COM®

If you have any questions, please reach out to any members of the Expert Women Panel found on the AskPatty.Com® web site and we will respond to your inquiry.

PatRnewheadshot Patricia J Roberts

Directory-Business Development AskPatty.Com®
Expert Women Panel member @ AskPatty.Com®

Patricia J. Roberts is the Director-Business Development for AskPatty.Com®. She has +39 years of experience in the Automotive Industry which includes increasing the number of women who own and who work in dealerships.

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