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July 03, 2010

You Can’t Avoid Paying for Car Insurance, but You Can Avoid Paying Too Much

Unless you want to take the bus, you need car insurance.  If you’re going to drive, it’s the law in all 50 states.  But you can avoid paying too much for it.  Here are three ways you can help keep your rate low when it comes time to renew your auto coverage.

Don’t Multitask.

Let’s face it, having an accident will almost certainly cause your rate to go up.  And most accidents happen when someone is distracted.  Therefore you should avoid doing any of these extra tasks while driving.

Talking on a phone

Texting Texting

Using a GPS

Eating or drinking


Putting make up on

Combing your hair



Yelling at your kids

Adjusting the radio

Changing your clothes

Working on your laptop

Watch your credit.

Most insurers use a credit score to determine rates.  Like it or not, it’s legal and research has shown that drivers with good credit or a high credit score number are less likely to file a claim.  On the other side of that, drivers with low scores may be more likely to take risks and more likely to have an accident.  So pay your bills -- especially you car insurance bill.  Missing a payment or letting your auto policy lapse not only puts you at risk if you have an accident, it can lower your credit score and make it more expensive to get car insurance.
Carinsurance 2 Compare.

Auto insurance rates can vary by 100% or more -- for the exact same auto coverage.  And just because you’ve been with your insurance company for a long time doesn’t mean they’re going to give you a better rate.  Get at least three quotes from three different companies to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. 

And just as rates vary, so do the features companies offer.  Look around. You may be able to get important extras like Emergency Roadside Assistance at no additional charge.

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