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June 26, 2010

Kia Soul Hamsters Sink Their Teeth into New Video Ad Campaign

Think car ads have lost their luster since those fabulous car commercials from the Superbowl? Then give a paw -- I mean a hand -- to Kia Motor's advertising company, David & Goliath. They've created a new video featuring the popular hamsters to market the Kia Soul using the classic track, "The Choice Is Yours" by '90s hip-hop group, The Black Sheep. It compares the highly-personalizable Soul to boxy "competitors" - such as a toaster. Starting at under $14,000, the award-winning 5-door Soul appeals to both the practical, value-conscious family and the music- and style-focused hipster. Both the car and the video are worth a look.

Speaking of hamsters, it so happens that I'm planning to get a new hamster for the family soon. Call me crazy (Jody did!), but I'm actually planning to rescue one rather than buy it at a pet store. I've already got a cage set up, and I'm taking suggestions for names! Ideas, ladies?

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