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May 07, 2010

Barbara Terry Pens "How Athletes Roll"

Barbara_terry_ebay America’s favorite auto expert, Barbara Terry, is taking on a new challenge this year:


Terry penned the book “How Athletes Roll” is set for release August 2. In it, Terry interviews 40 professional athletes about their passion for automobiles.

Each athlete will cover four pages, utilizing stories and pictures to convey his or her passion and special connection with their automobiles.

We hear you have a book coming out, what's it about?

“How Athletes Roll” is a first of its kind, a unique look into the automobile collections of Pro Athletes.  I have 40 big name athletes, all talking about their history with the good ole automobile.

How did you get the inspiration for your book?
I was inspired to write the book after I interviewed Jay Novacek, the fantastic retired tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. I interviewed him a few years ago regarding his history with vehicles. 

Afterwards, I thought to myself what an amazing idea it would be to put 40 of these athletes, running the gamut of all sports, active and retired, of all ages into one single book!

You've done a lot of television in the past, is any more broadcasting in your future?
I continue to make TV/Radio and Print media appearances for a multitude of automotive companies.  I also love hosting live events as well. I am extremely excited about the upcoming release of my book and the opportunities that will sprout from that.  Actually, being offered something other than automotive appearances would be exciting for me.

Your passion for cars started at such an early age; do you think having six older brothers influenced that?
My brothers not only helped my passion with cars, but also with hunting, fishing, sports, and a ton of other interests that I still have today. These interests help me relate with the pro athlete's, I found in male and female athletes alike. We all have a great competitive drive in common.

If you could tell people one thing they need to know about their car and taking care of it, what would it be? 
Take pride in your ride. Get the required maintenance necessary to keep your vehicle happy and healthy and treat it like a part of your family. 

Barbaraterry2 Do you see any more racing in your future?
I do plan to participate in additional Off Road races in the future, but only as a hobby.

If you had to pick, what's the best car for a women on the go out there these days in the ever-changing retail car market?
An all-purpose SUV that is getting rave reviews. 

Were you surprised at the complete collapse of the auto industry last year?

The whole economy went in the gutter and the automotive world was just in the mix. Very few industries were spared, and actually, because people were trying to save money, parts and suppliers and other sectors of the industry did well. It was the new car makers that tanked because of the collapse of the financial industry.

What do you think American car makers can do to rebound?
Be competitive with other manufacturers with such items as the factory warranty.

Have you made a recent new car purchase?
I do not buy new but I do buy pre-owned.  My latest gift to myself is a beat-up old Jeep Wrangler that I can rebuild and wrench around on.  I love messing around on old beaters as it takes my mind off of my surroundings because I totally get lost in such projects.

Anything else you are up to we should know about?
Looking to have a personal life for the first time in 8 years…basically I am looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right now!  Possibly find a man that can balance me out and calm my Type A personality down.


by Linda Przygodski
Contributing Editor

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