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February 16, 2010

Tune Your Engine And Save Money With New Spark Plugs

Oldsparkplugs A properly tuned vehicle runs more efficiently, performs better, and saves money at the gas pump. When was your last tuneup?

Bosch is offering motorists another way to save money and enjoy improved performance when they tune up their vehicle. If you're due for new spark plugs, Bosch suggests you try the very newest from their lineup, and promises doing so will not only give you better performance, fuel efficiency,  and fuel economy, but you can get cash back by mail from Bosch.

The 2010 Bosch "Light 'em up!" spark plug  rebate program offers motorists in the United States a $2 per plug rebate on Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion plugs, a $1 per plug rebate on Bosch Platinum +4, Platinum+2 and Platinum Plus plugs, plus a 50 cent per plug rebate on Bosch Super Plus plugs, purchased from a participating retailer.

Bosch-SparkPlugs "This is a great opportunity to reap savings on a fresh set of the most advanced, efficient spark plugs available for Asian, Domestic or European vehicles and at the same time enjoy the driving performance benefits of Bosch spark plugs" said Mark Wilkinson, Program Manager, Spark Plugs for Bosch.

Spark plug performance is absolutely vital to an engine's operation. The spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture in the engine, and this produces the energy that moves a car. 

Bosch_LightEmUp_rebate-form The best part here is you don't have to run out and buy the plugs today, as the rebate runs through December 31, 2010. Rebate coupons are available at participating retailers, or can be downloaded from  (or click on the rebate image here to open an enlargement you can print). The rebate program allows 16 spark plugs per spark plug type per name, address, and household; it's valid only in the United States, and void where prohibited by law.

Bosch-LightEmUp-sparkplugs "Bosch's family of premium spark plugs includes Bosch Platinum Ir Fusion, which combines an iridium and platinum center electrode with exclusive surface air gap technology, plus 4 yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes for better than OE iridium plug performance; Bosch Platinum+4 which combines platinum plus 4 yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes and surface air gap firing to provide a 45% longer, more powerful spark; and Bosch Platinum+2, Bosch Platinum Plus and the Bosch Super Plus  yttrium-enhanced single electrode copper core plug," said Wilkinson.

To get the rebate, simply purchase the qualifying Bosch spark plugs from a participating retailer, complete the rebate coupon, attach the dated receipt for the qualifying spark plugs along with the UPC blocks from individual boxes of qualifying spark plugs, and mail the whole shebang to Light 'em up! Rebate, Dept. 42, Offer 31101, PO Box 6171, Douglas, AZ 85655-6171.

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