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November 11, 2009

Can You Make Your Engine Last 300,000 Miles?

Change-your-oil Ladies, here at AskPatty, we're always sharing tips about car care and maintenance to help you get more out of the life of your vehicle. Performing your regular scheduled maintenance and oil changes is the BEST WAY to ensure your vehicle lives a long and healthy lifetime.

With the economy in poor shape and studies showing that Americans are keeping their cars on the road longer than ever before (9.4 years), we know there has never been a better time for women to do what they can to protect their vehicles, providing peace of mind for them and their families.

Valvoline_engine_guarantee Well, Valvoline has rolled out a new program meant to help ensure your engine lasts as long as 300,000 miles with regular Valvoline oil changes, and guarantees the program with up to $5,000 in repair expenses if it doesn't.

Drivers can choose from three levels of the Valvoline Engine Guarantee based on personal driving needs and vehicle requirements by choosing a distance based on the following oil selections:

--MaxLife Full Synthetic or Synpower Full Synthetic - 300,000-mile limited guarantee
--MaxLife or DuraBlend (synthetic blends) - 225,000-mile limited guarantee
--Valvoline Premium Conventional - 150,000-mile limited guarantee

Sam Mitchell, president, Ashland Consumer Markets (Valvoline), explains the special offer. "It's clear that in this economy, many people are focused on saving money and making their vehicles last longer. We're confident that Valvoline motor oil has what it takes to make that happen, and we're backing that confidence with a guarantee not only in our oil, but also in the life of our customers' engines when they use our oil as recommended," Mitchell says.

Valvoline-instant-oil-change-center Better yet, it's not just new cars and trucks that qualify: Most vehicles with fewer than 75,000 miles are eligible to be registered in the free Valvoline Engine Guarantee program. Valvoline Instant Oil Change Centers make it so easy, you don't even have to get out of your car, making it easy for busy Moms to load up the family, get the oil changed, and begin enrollment in the free Engine Guarantee all at once! (As a mom who knows what a hassle it can be loading kids in and out of the car when running errands, I can appreciate this!) Also, if you check out the Valvoline Instant Oil Change website before you go, you can download money-saving coupons and sign up for car care tips and special promotions as well.

Simply visit to learn full details about Valvoline's 300,000-mile Engine Guarantee and program limitations, and to locate the nearest Valvoline Instant Oil Change centers.

Brandy_schaffels_s By Brandy Schaffels Editor

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