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July 23, 2009

Want to know what's happening at GM? Just Ask Fritz!

NewGMCompany05 As General Motors emerged from its bankruptcy,  the company stated it was committed to a clear and simple vision - to design, build and sell the best vehicles in the world. One step of that commitment is being demonstrated with a greater emphasis on corporate transparency to consumers and additional attention to unmatched customer service.

As part of these efforts, General Motors has created a new website -- -- where the company shares current news, corporate blogs, flickr photos, live twitterfeed, and chat sessions to provide as much information as possible about the current status of the new company.

One feature on  is "Tell Fritz," a video blog in which site visitors can submit a question, comment, or concern about the new GM to CEO Fritz Henderson. He'll read them and respond to as many as possible each week. The questions and content will change each day, as Henderson addresses the subject matter submitted by readers in an effort to keep us all apprised about the priorities of the company.

This video is the first in the series which just went live this week; in it Henderson explains the "Tell Fritz" feature. Stay tuned after he answers, as this video continues on to other topics.

Check it out, and check back often. If you're interested in what's happening with the new General Motors, this site is the best place to get information.

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