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February 11, 2009

Why does Honda sell a rototiller named the "Salad" to women?

090203-01-Honda_Dog_Website I was checking my Twitter timeline when I came across this comment from @michaelbanovsky: "I love Honda Japan, and their "Dog" section:  Even includes a "Vintage car with dog" desktop wallpaper."

090203-02-Honda_dog_button Well, because I am "Hondagrrl," I decide to check out the cute Honda dog section but - due to my inability to read the Japanese characters - am unable to find the wallpaper section. Lots of cute pictures here of happy dogs with tiny little Honda cars... adorable little icons of "Travel Dog" carriers... wait, what's that? Buried down in the bottom right corner is another tiny little icon for "Honda Woman."

090203-04-Honda_Woman 090203-03-honda_woman_website "Cool," I think to myself. "I'm a Honda Woman, let's go check it out!" Clicking on the link redirects me to another site that I can't read (because I am a stupid American and cannot read the Japanese) but it's bright and colorful, and has several of pictures of women and lots more pictures of Honda cars, motorcycles, and scooters.

090203-06-Salad_rototiller  The product choices are sorted by color, so that clicking on the black car shows everything the Honda Woman can buy in black, and clicking on the red car shows everything she can buy in red... I'm feeling pretty random today, but I was strangely surprised to see that the number-one item of the red vehicle section is what appears to be (clicking on it) wait, it IS: a ROTOTILLER!

They've got eight color choices, so (in the spirit of adventure) I continue clicking them all to see exactly what I, the Honda Woman, can buy in each color palate. I am pleased to see that the two-seat Honda S2000 and adorable little Fit are available in several hues. 

090203-07-silver_productsHey, another surprise! Clicking on the silver car icon shows everything the Honda Woman can buy that's silver... including an outboard boat motor! Should I get one of those?

Valentine's day is just around the corner, but these aren't particularly romantic gift ideas for me or any woman. Maybe it's cultural, but I'm not sure that a flashy red "Salad" rototiller or a shiny silver outboard engine are two specific items are gonna do much to really make me feel like a romantic "Honda Woman."

What do you think?

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