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February 13, 2009

Cutest Little Girl On Wheels

Josie-wheelchair-dogThose of you who know me, know about my two dogs, Rigby and Roxy. They are the loves of my life... after my husband, of course. Well, maybe before, but we don't have to let him know.

I would do anything for my pups, no matter what. Several years ago our corgi, Roxy, was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that cause her growth plates in her front legs to close too soon. Luckily it was corrected with a few surgeries, but not every pup or pet is so lucky. Some dogs are born without any front legs at all!

This is the story of Josie, the two-legged Chihuahua that rolls around on wheels, sharing love with any person who passes by. This story comes by way of

Josie was rescued by Jill Schultz in Wichita, Kansas, who works at her family's business - Hanger Prosthetics, where they make prosthetics for people!

Jill's uncle, an expert at custom prosthetics, designed a custom cart for Josie, so she could cruise the halls of the office everyday. She keeps the workers company and visits with the clients. As one client stated, "It inspires me to do what i have to do with my prosthesis."

There are many dogs who end up needed some kind of help for mobility, just like many people. While amazing groups like and Hanger Prosthetics helps people, there are sites like Handicapped Pets that will help you know what to get for your pet's particular needs.

So vroom vroom for Josie! Look at that little tail go!

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