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February 10, 2009

AskPatty's Female Friendly Valentine's Day Carnival

090212-01-candy_hearts_by_ladyheart_at_morguefile.com_archive_display_154868 Valentine's day is just around the corner, so we thought we'd share a fun assortment of automotive-focused products sure to make your valentine's day fun and special. We've selected items that are perfect for him and her, so if you find something you want, just leave this page open for your special someone to find, or if you need to be more direct, go ahead and email the links to him directly. We know those guys sometimes need a little help picking out just the right gift! Have you got female friendly news or interesting automotive tidbits to share? Email Ask Patty at or use the form to include your own blog bits in our next female friendly carnival!

090214-06-lovenote_by_hotblack_at_morguefile.com_archive_display_101450 Looking for Love?
LeaseTrader polled more than 500 women across the country and found that 18 percent of women are now choosing to drive on the first date - up from 12 percent a year ago. Maybe it's because women are increasingly taking a more active role in what they like to drive, or maybe it's because they're just in love with their vehicle (and not so sure yet about that date). Whatever the reason, LeaseTrader has evidence that times are a changin' and it's time for men to ride shotgun on the first date.

"Valentine's Day is one of the most prominent and exciting times of the year to enjoy a date with someone close to you," said Sergio Stiberman, CEO and founder of "As more women show greater interest in the vehicle they drive, it's only natural they will also want to show off their wheels and impress a special someone on a first date." compiled the top five cars women customers are most interested in today.  Range Rover was the most popular at (31%) with Lexus (27%) and BMW (26%) close behind.  Mercedes (12%) and Volvo (4%) rounded out the list. For more information visit, or call 800-770-0207. also shared some more of their research from their recent online polls and found several car-themed gifts and gadgets that are sure to get your loved one's engine all revved up this Valentine's Day. Whether it's a really cute digital keychain to flash pics of your crush, a pink-themed kit to ensure her safety, or a multi-function keyring, LeaseTrader's online polls helped us provide the scoop on three fun gifts for your lover's car.

090212-02-Digital-Photo-Key-Ring Digital Photo Keychain
Here's the perfect way to keep memories of your special someone near while you're in the car. These fun little keychain devices utilize an internal flash memory that can hold a large collection of photos, so it's like carrying a mini photo album in the palm of your hand! This 2cm x 1.5cm digital photo key ring claims to the smallest portable photo album, and can hold up to 56 images for just $25.

090212-03-Pink_Car_Bag Pink Car Safety Kit
If she's a Brit, you can help keep your loved one's car safe and sound on the road with this fun pink-themed safety kit.  It includes fully functional jumper cables, a steel hammer, mobile phone rechargers, ice scraper, protective gloves, notepad, pencil, and 3-in-1 torch, all of them in retina-searing pink. Unfortunately, as much as we love this idea, it comes from  and can't be shipped outside the UK!

090212-04-7_in_1_Keyring Multifuction 7-in-1 Keyring
It might not be pink, but you can buy it in the United States! This versatile device comes loaded with things that might come in handy in case of a fire, a car accident, or any other type of emergency. Ensure his or her ultimate safety on the road with this function keyring that includes a glass breaker, safety belt knife, alarm, flashlight, and digital tire gauge.

090212-05-VIM_Essential_Oils Make Her Car an Aromatherapy Sanctuary
Immerse her in your love with the healthy aroma of VIM Essential oils  while she drives. Nothing synthetic here! Morning or evening, just flip open the embossed sunglass-style case to choose a hand-crafted blend: She can jump-start her day with a refreshing AM wake-up combination of crisp, minty tangy citrus, or calm and revive her end-of-day drive with a warm and grounding bergamot and ginger PM blend. Put a few drops of the genuine and authentic essential oils on the handy felt pad, pop it into the sleek black and silver auto diffuser, plug into the car power outlet, and start the engine. As she drives, she will be enveloped in natural and healthy aromas that blow away those other chemical-filled air fresheners. She can actually look forward to her commute, because her car is now a sanctuary!

090212-06-Busted_Knuckle_Muscle_Rub Ease His Aching Muscles
One of our favorite places to find gear for our favorite car guy is the Busted Knuckle Garage. They offer about 200 unique car guy, handy-man-type gifts that you can choose from. If he's been spending a little too much time bent over a fender, tucked up under a dashboard, or underneath the car, then try their Mechanic's Muscle Easing Salve. Priced at less than $7 per tin, it promises to work fast and effectively on muscle aches, joints, and tension, and can also help heal sprains, bruising, and swelling. Give him a loving massage, and rub some of the salve on his temples and the back of his neck to ease headaches and stimulate circulation and healing.

090212-07-Consumer_Reports_GPS_Valentine-guide Don't Let Him Lose His Way!
You know he won't stop for directions or try to read a map, so why not give him a portable GPS he can keep in the car or take on a hike? Choosing the right one for your significant other can be a real challenge, as latest GPS devices have so many features available, it is easy to get caught up on the bells and whistles. Let this guide at Consumer Reports provide you some assistance in making the perfect choice for that perfect someone!

090212-08-MINI-Plush_Bulldog "Bark, Bark, Woof" Means I Love You!
Perfect for him or her, this fun MINI Valentine is ideal for bulldog enthusiasts! It's not a car and no, it won't wag its tail, but it's soft and cuddly and will satisfy your favorite bulldog lover. The stuffed MINI Bulldog is the perfect companion for Valentine's Day. Dressed in a MINI red track jacket, the MINI Bulldog offers friendship without barking. His happy grin will bring a smile to anyone's face on Valentine's Day - and every day. You can adopt this adorable MINI Bulldog for just $26 from authorized MINI dealers or online at

090212-09-iVoice_R1_silver Don't Stop Holding Hands
We know you want your loved one to be safe while driving, so why not give him or her a Bluetooth device to use the cellphone handsfree while in the car? We've tested many products and can give a hearty thumbs-up to the R1 from iVoice. The R1 portable visor speakerphone is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and provides a talk time of up to 30 hours or up to 300 hours of standby time on a single charge. Plus, it's got an awesome connectivity range of 30 feet between the device and your phone, in fact, my product sample reached from the phone left in the car in my garage through several walls to my upstairs office! None of my other Bluetooth devices have done that! The R1 can be paired with up to eight devices at once and supports two simultaneous Bluetooth connections using iVOICE iCONNECT 2(TM) technology. The R1 features an iNTELLIGENT VOICE OPERATOR(TM) which announces the Caller ID phone number of the caller when the cell phone rings, and boasts voice-guided instructions to assist users when pairing the device to a mobile phone. The sleek and compact R1 comes packaged with a mini-USB power adapter, car adapter, and wall adapter for charging for around $99, and is available in a variety of colors at J&R, and For more information on this product or any of their entire line of handsfree Bluetooth devices, please visit

090212-10-CarMD_diagnostic_tool Let a CarMD be your treat for Valentine's Day!
Here's a chance to WIN a gift for your beloved! The CarMD tool is a handheld diagnostic tool designed to check the health of all 1996-and-newer cars, light trucks, SUVs, and minivans sold in the United States, and the fine folks at CarMD have given Ask Patty FIVE units to give away as Valentine's Day gifts!  So register today for CarBlabber, post a review of your car, and automatically enter for a chance to win a CarMD at, and maybe your Valentine's Day gift will be free!!

Regardless of which item you might choose to give or be given from this gift guide, we at AskPatty wish you and yours a safe and love-filled Valentine's Day weekend!! Have you got something to submit for an upcoming female friendly carnival? Make sure to submit it for our next "Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival" using the online form or by emailing Ask Patty at

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