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January 15, 2009

Star Safety Ratings and Your Car Insurance

Do you have airbags in your car? Of course, you say. How about anti-lock brakes or daytime running lights? Umm… I think so. What's your car’s safety rating? I’ve no idea! Well, if your car is equipped with these safety features, or received a high safety rating, you could save money on your car insurance.

Car_airbag How Safety Affects Car Insurance Costs
Car insurance revolves around risk—the riskier a driver or car is, the more expensive it is to insure. That is why some car insurance companies give discounts for car safety features such as airbags or automatic seatbelts. Other companies offer discounts for cars that are safe overall, such as those with good Star Safety Ratings.

5-Star Safety Rating
We have all heard the term “5-Star Safety Rating” over the years, but what does that really mean? For over 30 years the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been issuing its 5-Star Safety Ratings to vehicles that achieve high safety standards. The NHTSA tests vehicles to judge how they react in various crash situations, such as side impact, rear/frontal impact, tire tests, and airbags. A car that receives a 5-Star Rating means there is a 10% or less chance of injury for passengers. (A Star Rating of 1 means a 46% or more chance of injury.)

Other Insurance Perks
The NHTSA says some car insurance companies will also adjust the premiums for personal injury protection and medical payment coverage if the vehicle has safety features such as airbags. There are other ways to reduce your car insurance rates, such as installing anti-theft devices like alarms or GPS systems, or by keeping a clean driving record.

Comparing insurance quotes from several companies is another way to save on your car insurance. Different companies will charge you different rates, and your existing policy may not offer you the best deal. Use the AskPatty Insurance Center to compare insurance quotes and make sure you’re saving on your safe car.

Gina_Scott_Insweb Gina M. Scott is a Web writer and blogger for InsWeb. She has worked as a Web writer and journalist for three years, covering a variety of topics such as technology, government, and cyber security, since graduating from Sacramento State University with a BA in English—professional and creative writing. She now specializes in auto, home, term life and other insurance topics for InsWeb. Born and raised in Northern California, Gina enjoys traveling and creative writing.

Insweb_logo Article provided by InsWeb

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