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January 24, 2009

Essential Winter Weather Driving Tips

Lattitude During this unpredictable weather period, it is also important for motorists to ready their vehicles with items to help them prepare for inclement weather patterns. In fact, 60 percent of those surveyed keep at least three essential poor weather items in their vehicles at all times. The most common items included an ice scraper (71 percent), a flashlight (63 percent), gloves or a hat (48 percent) and a blanket (45 percent).

The survey also found that one out of every three drivers on the road fail to change their blades according to the recommended frequency of once a year.

Rain-X® Original Glass Treatment, The Invisible Windshield Wiper, improves wet weather driving visibility by repelling rain and by helping to keep sleet and snow from sticking.

Over the past thirty years, the Rain-X® brand has evolved from a single product to ‘masterbrand’ status. Its strong brand equity provided a platform from which to successfully launch into multiple car care categories including wiper blades, windshield washer fluids, glass cleaners, car washes and waxes.

Great YouTube video demonstrating Latitude wiper blades:

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