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July 30, 2008

Ask Patty's Female Friendly Blog Carnival: July 30, 2008

Welcome to the AskPatty Blog Carnival, where we provide a refreshing assortment of female friendly news and interesting automotive tidbits from around the blogosphere. Whether it's informative stories about the hottest cars, information about women in the automotive industry, or details on your honking habits, we've got something here for everyone. Have you got something to share? Email Ask Patty at or use the form at the end to include your own blog bits in next week's carnival!

Jody_devere_webs3004444 AskPatty's President and CEO Jody DeVere recently sent me a link to an article she had found at Newsweek magazine. Titled "More Than A Tune-Up," the 1997 article described occurrences of sexual harassment at a Mitsubishi plant which helped launch detailed training programs and management reforms that ultimately made this company's policies on sexual harassment far more stringent than those of most Fortune 500 companies. will be presenting a different writer's perspective article on this topic
each day this week,  and we hope our readers will come back to read each day's installment. Tuesday, Jody DeVere shares her thoughts on the changing attitudes of women working in the auto biz; Wednesday, Brandy Schaffels discusses what it's been like as a cargirl in the automotive publishing world; Thursday, Linda Przygodski discusses what it has been like as a woman working in sports; and on Friday, Becky Scott will share her own challenges choosing between career and motherhood. Please stop in and read them all

2009mazdamazda6_01 AskPatty had a chance to take a drive in the new Mazda6 recently, but Gary Witzenburg beat us to the punch with his detailed review of Mazda's new sedan at, saying the "new Mazda6 has moved from the bottom to the top of its segment in roominess, while retaining its soul-satisfying Mazda zoominess and class-competitive fuel economy. It is definitely a viable alternative to better-known class leaders." How did you do in the pinewood derby, Gary?

Saab93yellowedition USA Network has teamed up this year with Saab USA as a key partner on "Burn Notice." A Saab 9-3 convertible was integrated into the season premiere as Fiona's (Gabrielle Anwar) car. Additionally, USA -- with the help of executive producer and creator Matt Nix, and in conjunction with Omelet -- has created an online alternate reality experience called "Covert Ops," which launched within the second episode and will continue online for nine weeks. Housed at, Covert Ops invites players to become an operative and to help Fiona, Michael Westen's ex-girlfriend, and a new client solve their case. The Saab 9-3 convertible will be integrated into the game through branding experiences tied to nine missions.

Netrootsnation Progressive bloggers and activists are most concerned about solving basic economic problems and our country's energy crisis as well as ending the war in Iraq, according to a straw poll of participants at this year's Netroots Nation conference conducted by the Campaign for America's Future   and Democracy Corps.  Those polled also believe that ending the war in Iraq and solving our energy and health care crises should be top priorities for the next president. Complete straw poll results are available at  and

Usedbmw Everybody on the American women's blogging network is talking about this Greek BMW ad. And all of them are offended by it. So I ask my readers the same question I ask myself and my children every time I see a new ad for the first time, before the object for sale is immediately obvious: "What ARE they trying to sell here?" What do you think?

Chicagosuntimes_2 Mary Wisniewski spoke to Tom Vanderbilt about his new book "Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us), in which he uncovers a lot of surprising information about, NOT surprisingly, the way we drive. Here's a tidbit about honking habits: "Men honk more than women, and men and women honk more at women that at men. People in "nice cars" honk faster at less-nice cars. Drivers in convertibles with the tops down are less likely to honk than those with the top up. Drivers honk faster at cars whose drivers are on cell phones. Drivers are more likely to honk at people from another state or country than their own, and they honk less on weekends. Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Crainsdetroitbusiness_2 According to an article at,  Women hold 13 percent of the executive-level positions at four large automotive companies in metro Detroit, based on a survey of employees at Yazaki North America Inc., American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc., Ford Motor Co., and Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. The survey findings were the result of a six-month project undertaken by seven female management-level employees from the four companies, part of Wixom-based Paragon Leadership International's Women's Automotive TeamCAL.

LuannebrownResults of the 2008-2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association Board of Directors election are final: congratulations to our friend Luanne Brown, President and CEO of eTool Developers, who was elected to the SEMA Board of Directors for 2008. Other distinguished newly-elected SEMA Board Members include Ron Funfar, BJ Leanse, Chris Thomson, Tim Watts, Ralph Accinno, and Ed Orzetti.

080731_green_lafontainesign11 Going green hasn't always been economically friendly.  In fact, the initial cost of developing a more energy-efficient building can be 10 percent higher than using standard equipment.  But the recent rise in energy costs is helping to close that gap. Read more about this green dealership at

And that's it for this week's AskPatty Cars Around the World Blog Carnival! Make sure to submit your article for next week's "Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival" using the online form  or by emailing Ask Patty at

Brandyatsemadinner By Brandy Schaffels
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