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July 22, 2008

BlogHers go Racing in Second Life!

Flickrcomphotos23396182n00268080497 While thousands of women Bloggers assembled in San Francisco for the BlogHer '08 Convention this weekend, Second Life BlogHers had plenty of chances to hang out inworld at the BlogHer conference in Second Life! Hundreds of attendees enjoyed socializing at Callie Cline's Beach Resort ( (which sponsored several social events with dancing and music), and the BlogHer Vendor Area ( (which offered products and services in between seminars and panel discussions), but the Motorability Fairgrounds Speedway was a huge hit ( thanks to the  sponsored racing events held on Saturday.

Flickrcomphotos23396182n00268162280 Facilitated by Suku Ming and Toby Rainbow, BlogHers had plenty of fun learning how to drive their BlogHer08 virtual race cars around the Fairgrounds Speedway and Dirtfield Raceway racetracks found on United Spinal's Motorability Island. Some of the participants got the hang of going around and around the track, though others found it easier to crash their digital rides. Fortunately, in Second Life, everybody walks away from the crash, and race cars can be easily replaced.

When the racing was over, so many enthusiastic women shared their exhilaration at being able to race these BlogHer08 virtual cars on the exceptional SLASCAR tracks! We can't wait to do it again next year!

Flickrcomphotos23396182n00268162293 Suku Ming is one of the founders of the Second Life Stock Car Racing Association (SLSCRA/SLASCAR), home to the best and fastest stock car racers in Second Life. She helps facilitate the racing at United Spinal's Fairgrounds Speedway and Dirtfield Raceway. She also participates in the SL Motorcycle Racing Association, and is a member of the SL Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Toby Rainbow is also a co-founder of the SLSCRA/SLASCAR racing association, and is the owner of Motorability's "Dirtfield Raceway," where Second Lifers can race sprint cars, pure stocks, and dirt track racing, regardless of their ability.

Flickrcomphotos23396182n00268083549 Suku and Toby are members of the core group for the Motorability Island Development Team. Together, these two ladies bring driving activities to Motorability Island every weekend:  Races are held Fridays at 5 (SLT) at the Fairgrounds Speedway, and on Sundays at 7 (SLT) on the Dirtfield Raceway.

Many thanks go to Suku and Toby for organizing the racing events for BlogHers in Second Life!

Want to find out more about racing in Second Life? Join the 2ndLife StockCar Racing Association for more information on events and races.

Motorability Island is an Educational Car Culture facility in Second Life representing the United Spinal Association. Visitors here can find out more about cars, racing, and many services in the welcome center for disabled citizens.

Photos via Sheila Webber at

Pattystreeter Jody DeVere, aka "Patty Streeter" in Second five

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