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July 17, 2008

AskPatty Streeter to Speak at BlogHer in Second Life on Motorability Island

Blogher_logo_2 BlogHer's annual conference begins July 18, 2008, and once again Ask Patty is a proud sponsor of BlogHer in Second Life. BlogHer is one of the top women’s online networks and the number-one guide to blogs by women. Patty Streeter aka Jody DeVere, CEO/President of will be speaking on Friday, July 18th 12:45 - 2pm (SLT) at the BlogHer Second Life conference session "Second Life and Security."

BlogHer's annual conference is like no other -- it is the thrilling diversity of the blogosphere come to life!

Featuring technical labs, educational workshops, intense discussion sessions, relevant sponsors, speakers from every corner of the blogosphere, established and new, and plenty of opportunities to network and socialize.

Appropriate for anyone and everyone who's interested in any kind of blogging, from the personal to the professional to the political.


Days one and two will feature a more traditional conference setting, while day three will be dedicated once again to a full-day Unconference.

As BlogHers, you're commanding an ever-growing online presence, but what is the true extent of your reach (and your message)? Is your reach something you need better defined, or something you're looking to expand exponentially? If you believed that your blog could do anything, what would you reach for? No matter what your personal or collective goals are, the BlogHer event provides the kinds of tools, information, and inspiration you need to help youReach! them.

United Spinal Association's Motorability Island in Second Life with be the location for events sponsored by Motorability Island is filled with car culture venues. BlogHer will be racing at Fairgrounds Speedway, dancing and socializing at Callie Cline's Beach Resort, and checking out Wonderland Carden -- an certified female friendly car dealership in Second Life. Ireport is also a sponsor.

The real life conference, held in San Francisco, is slated to draw more than a thousand bloggers from around the world. And for those who can't attend, a parallel event will take place in Second Life. And guess what? It's free to attend the conference in Second Life!

Teleport Now to Motorability Island to check it out!

Motorability Island in SecondLife is a vast, seven-sim complex designed specifically to promote United Spinal Association in SL, via the Education Center and other builds dotted around the Island. We, along with the United Spinal Motorsports Program are complete petrolheads, so you'll also find loads of really cool stuff to do with a car around here too. We've got two full oval circuits, a full inter-sim road system, car-themed nightclub with live DJs, go-kart racing, car dealerships, scooter shack ,and the rather cool center too, which offers automotive advice for women, from some of the top women in the US automotive industry.

Jody_devere_vs Jody DeVere

Visit us at

Car Advice Podcasts for Women


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