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April 17, 2008

Blogger Bossy takes an Excellent Road Trip

Bossyinthesaturnsky_2 It's only been a couple weeks since Blogger Bossy waved goodbye to her husband, kids, and an enormous breed of canine she calls her "lap pony," and embarked upon a stunt titled "Bossy's Excellent Road Trip."

Bossy has embarked on a five-week journey across the United States in order to meet a nationwide collection of blogging friends she knows solely through her comment section -- saying they have become like family to her -- and because Saturn is sponsoring it by loaning her one of each of their five models of cars in which to travel.

Hybridsampler Let's hear it for 10,000 miles in the Astra, the Aura, the Outlook, the Sky, and the Vue! Woo Hoo! (Note to Bossy, we love you, but as automotive bloggers, we need to let you know that you keep saying they're from Saturn's Hybrid line, but only the Aura and the Vue are available with a hybrid powertrain. The other three are just fun Saturn cars.)

Group2 More than 250 bloggers across 182 cities in 42 states have signed up to participate in Bossy's Excellent Road Trip and are meeting the hellafunny woman at various stops along the way. We like her road trip perspective as she makes new friends and meets new 'husbands' at each stop. We also like her because she uses an Apple computer and scavenges for internet access in Starbucks. And because she made this cool video:

Gang Check out her adventures in her extremely entertaining blog entries at . She identifies particular scenarios of her trip with such delightful descriptors as "Birkenstock Intervention," and "hyperventilation episode," and even quotes herself in the third person, saying "oh my gah where is the closest cardiac surgeon and what kind of helicopter will they use to airlift Bossy to the nearest facility?"  She includes oodles of photos from her road trip, and lots of pictures of the cars, too. And some of her feet and shoes and MANY of her blogger friends, and even strangers at Starbucks.   We like Bossy and can't wait to read about the rest of her adventures!

Jody_devere_vs_2 Jody DeVere

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