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March 04, 2008

Vote for America's Favorite Mom

Favemom Before I got my license, my mom drove me everywhere. I had band practice, choir, FHA, Beta Club, and church activities. She never complained about playing chauffeur. In fact, I think she enjoyed the time we would spend on the way talking about, well, everything.

And when I was old enough, she helped teach me to drive. She let me drive to church. Mom didn’t get (too) mad when I hit the side of the garage with her car. She’s my favorite mom, of course.

Is your mom one of your favorite people? Can you articulate what makes her so special? Better yet, can you convince others how amazing your mom is? Then you should enter her in the America’s Favorite Mom contest for a chance to win $25,000 and an appearance on the Today Show.

The contest for the Today Show appearance ends on April 25. So go take a look at the rules, write your story, and enter that fabulous mom in the contest. Good luck!

Becky_headshot_2 By Becky Scott
Contributing Editor

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