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March 13, 2008

Focus on the Music for a Chance to Win Free Gas and iTunes

Kimandseana_confessions_from_the_ro Two Girls Hit the Road in their Sync-Equipped Ford in Search of Fun and Music

In today's high-tech internet-enabled society, creativity is revealed and rewarded in numerous ways. Take, for instance, Kim and Seana, two girls who have undertaken a nationwide adventure to find fame and fortune.

Kim is a singer/songwriter who dreams of hitting it big. Her friend Seana also dabbles in the singing/playing part. And according to the bio at, they both love music. "LOVE music. Listening to. Watching. Making. It really sums up our lives. So we are going out in search of the music. The new. The loud. The whatever."

Ford supplied them with a Sync-equipped Focus to connect them to their adventures, and the sporty little car features heavily in several of their online webisodes. Almost a co-star in its own right, the flashy blue Focus assists their communications with family and friends along the journey, and helps to provide the soundtrack to their roadtrip - one voice command at a time.

The duo's adventures began in October, at the Annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Now more than 25 years old, the event claims to be the largest event of its kind. Like bugs to the light, CMJ draws more than 10,000 music fans, artists, and industry professionals to New York each autumn to discover the best new music and debate the current music business challenges. Regardless of your tastes or perspective, there's something there for everyone.

Several months later, Kim and Seana have posted more than a dozen webisodes and oodles of informal blogs documenting their drama as they drive around the nation pursuing music and fun, traveling from New York to Chicago to Nashville to Orlando. Along the way, the two young ladies have made valuable contacts in the entertainment industry, visited famous musical landmarks, and discovered new musicians. Additional fun facts from a Ford Insider say Kim and Seana had over a million hits on and viewers have spent over 2,713,141 minutes with the content!

Now if their fun musical adventures haven't already captured your attention, there's something else in this adventure for you.  If you take the time to watch the videos and read their blogs, several lucky readers have the chance to win some cool prizes, courtesy of M80, the company that is promoting the girls and their adventures in the Focus. Ford has provided Kim and Seana with some fun prizes to help promote their adventures in the Focus, and we are able to award some of those here!

All you have to do is watch the videos and correctly answer the following questions:

Q: In Webisode 10 (
), what is the name of the man in charge of acquisitions for the Hard Rock Cafe? 

Q: What brand of guitar does Kim play?

Email your answers to by midnight Pacific time on March 31 and M80 will randomly select from the correct answers to award four $5 gas cards from Chevron), $15 in free iTunes downloads (available for television, music, and movies), as well as a handful of CMJ direct download cards which will allow the holder to download songs from artists who performed at CMJ 2007.

Now for more free prize goodness. Kim and Seana have one more very cool prize to give away, but this one is going to a little harder to find. M80 will award a 1-gigabyte-capacity MP3 player (which also can be used as a data storage thumbdrive and a portable radio) in a random drawing selected from all the viewers who can answer one more question, based on information contained within one of the OTHER webisodes at the site:

Q: In what city does Seana find the backstage passes for the Country Music Awards?

As Kim says in her blog "It's our passion and we want to share it all with our friends. Music connects us and we want to connect you." Here's your chance to get connected to your favorite music thanks to Kim and Seana, with a little help from the Ford Focus.


Jody_devere_v71 Jody DeVere

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