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March 27, 2008

Fashion, Cars and Avatars Event in Second Life to Raise Awareness About Spinal Cord Injury

Cars! A passion, a hobby, and a culture. It all comes together for Second Life residents on Motorability Island in Second Life.

United Spinal Association’s 7-sim Motorability Island, formerly Pontiac’s Motorati Island, is set for its grand opening on Saturday the 29th of March - however it’s open to the public now. Fashion Cars and Avatars is the theme for the event.

All proceeds go to

Event proceeds, sales of goods and services from commercial enterprise and sponsorships will contribute to raise awareness and provide funding to support United Spinal Association programs in the virtual and real world.


Donate at designated donation kiosks in Second Life on Motorability Island or go online here to donate directly to :

Sponsors interested in supporting in Second Life can contact Jody DeVere at

SLURL to Motorability Island:

Event schedule and times:

9am PDT Fashion Show at the Callie Cline Beach Resort featuring caLLie cLine & kiana dulce designs and done by the Aspire modeling agency.

10am PDT Racing at SLASCAR Official Fairgrounds Speedway

11am - 12pm PDT Dancing at the Parkade Nightclub and the United Spinal Upper Deck Dance Floor

All day tours of the United Spinal Welcome Center, Motorability Springs Automotive Education Center, Wonderland Cardin and many other sites on Motorability Island.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Spinal Cord Injury & Disorder

United Spinal Association now offers What Is SCI/D?, a new three page online pamphlet that is a general introduction to spinal cord injury and other disorders and diseases that affect the spinal cord.

Besides spinal cord injury, What Is SCI/D? provides general information about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis (MS), post-polio, spina bifida, transverse myelitis, and syringomyelia. To download a copy of What Is SCI/D?, please go to WHAT IS SCID.

Slightly more than one million persons in the United States are living with these injuries and diseases. Approximately 250,000 individuals have a traumatic spinal cord injury while there are more than 400,000 persons with MS. There are about 200,000 post-polio survivors and at least 100,000 people who have battled syringomyelia. Some 70,000 Americans are living with spina bifida today and at any given time it is estimated that 30,000 individuals have ALS.

Paul J. Tobin, President and CEO of the United Spinal Association, stated that "what is a spinal cord injury or disorder is our most frequently-asked question, not just from individuals with these conditions but also from members of the public. A big part of our mission is education, so understanding your injury or disease is an important step for an individual in the rehabilitative process. But, knowledge about spinal cord injury and other conditions of the spine fosters prevention and acceptance among the general public."

United Spinal Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Americans with spinal cord injuries or disorders. For over 60 years, we have fought for veteran’s rights and for the rights of all individuals with disabilities.

Our initiatives in research and education, government policy and legislation, civil rights and advocacy, accessibility and architectural design, and competitive athletics ensure that veterans and all Americans with spinal cord injury and disease live healthier, more independent and productive lives as active members of their communities. For more information, please visit or call (800) 404-2898.

About Motorability Island

Motorability Island in SecondLife is a vast, 7 sim complex designed specifically to promote United Spinal Association in Second Life, via the Education Center and other builds dotted around the Island.

We, along with the United Spinal Motorsports Program are complete car freaks, so you’ll also find loads of really cool stuff to do with a car around here too. We’ve got 2 full oval circuits, a full inter-sim road system, car themed nightclub with live DJs, go-kart racing, car dealerships, scooter shack and the rather cool center too, which offers automotive advice for women, from some of the top women in the US automotive industry.

There are also several other exciting builds planned, such as an education center for wannabe SecondLife vehicle designers, a drag strip and a drift track.


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