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February 18, 2008

Women in Motorsports Blog Carnival - Feb. 21

Aedith_weiss One blogster wants to know why woman are second class citizens in auto racing: Why are almost all racing drivers male? It's a question I hadn't really ever given any thought to until someone asked me recently, and yet it strikes me as a rather interesting one. In most sports, the answer is obvious. Men tend, on average, to be larger, taller, and physically more powerful than women, so it is no surprise that they outperform them in the sporting arena. It is less clear, however, that such physical advantages should make any difference on the racing track.

Jessica_zemken Jessica Zemken participated in The RAACE Foundation and race fans from all over the country converged on Atlantic City for another blockbuster Motorsports 2008 featuring the race car show at the beautiful Atlantic City Convention Center and the indoor races at the historic Boardwalk Hall.

Show attendees were able to see more than 250 motorsports vehicles on display including The “Best in Show” Race Car Display of The RAACE Foundation. The RAACE Foundation booth featured the race cars of Stevie Smith, Kyle Weiss, Tru Atkins and DJ Quint as well as the custom-built motorcycles of Doug Keim ~ Creative Cycles.

Divaspeedsm Team Divaspeed finishes in 2nd place in their debut race at NASA's opening event for the Western Endurance Racing Championship Series held at Infineon Raceway February 10, 2008. Glorymar Fernandez, the latin beauty, traveled all the way from her home country of Puerto Rico to pair up with team owner Donna Gilio.

Jd_motorsports Women might not be driving in NASCAR, but they are becoming team owners. JD Motorsports team owner Lori Morgan has been instrumental in acquiring equipment including two new chassis, a car hauler and a new shop. Kertus Davis runs the Nationwide Series in her car.

Davis and the JD Motorsports team have been working with one of the highest government offices in the nation along with Military Order of the Purple Heart to identify men and women around the country who will be honored by team JD Motorsports at each race during the 2008 Nationwide series.

Bessie_2 Bessie Paoli was an auto racing pioneer. In the early 1950s, Bessie, who lived in Springfield, was the first woman to own an Indy racecar. The Springfield Welding’s Smith Special, as it was known, took 18th at the 1952 Indianapolis 500 and was second at the 1953 race.

That Indy car, a unique piece of Springfield history, just sold for $250,000.

Erin Erin Crocker’s first Craftsman Truck Series race of the season didn’t go all that well. Crocker, of Wilbraham, Mass., was running 8th with one lap to go, but wound up finishing 14th when she was shuffled out of the draft in the closing laps at Daytona International Speedway.

Did you watch or attend the Daytona 500? The Daytona 500 infield home to pranksters, romantics. They wore matching borrowed pit-crew jackets that read "No Fear" as they took their vows in Victory Lane, surrounded by the world's largest lighted racetrack. On Thursday, after her first married kiss, Gagnon raised the bouquet, a handmade gift from her mother, in the air. Her friends and families cheered at Victory Lane.

Daytona_500 Zilkya DeJesus, a minister with the Universal Life Church in Altamonte Springs, performs the wedding ceremony for Robert Gagnon, Jr. and Rosemarie Scheer at Daytona International Speedway. (BARBARA V. PEREZ, ORLANDO SENTINEL / February 14, 2008)

Not all NASCAR triumphs involve race cars.

Lindabio by Linda Przygodski
Contributing Editor 


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