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February 19, 2008

Chevy and Disney Rock the Future with Eco-Friendly Teen Initiative

Chevyrocksthefuturelogo The next generation is going green as entertainment and education meet in effort to inspire Los Angeles-area schoolchildren to protect the environment, as Chevy joins Disney with  "Chevy Rocks the Future." The program has been using a website  and sweepstakes to educate, entertain, and engage the next generation of students and Hollywood personalities by introducing them to GM's creative environmental solutions and technologies as well as Chevy's gas-friendly to gas-free vehicles. The website provides an insider's view of how the vehicles work through fun and interactive showcases, games, and activities. Highlighting the program is an event on Tuesday, February 19, featuring a live performance by the Jonas Brothers, the teen sensations from the Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana" and U.S. tour,  with fellow Disney star Jordan Pruitt opening the concert.

Part of the program is Chevy's "Promise to Live Better!" educational campaign, an environmental outreach and awareness initiative to inspire schoolchildren in grades 4-8 in Los Angeles and Ventura counties to promise to make important changes in their daily lives that will help improve the environment and their world.

"Not only is Chevy leading the industry in providing vehicles that deliver fuel solutions ranging from gas-friendly to gas-free, it is engaging tomorrow's leaders - one student at a time - to play their own role in protecting and preserving the environment," said Susan Docherty, GM Western Region general manager.

Principals and teachers are encouraging students to do their part to conserve resources, too, by making simple promises, including turning off unneeded lights and water, and bringing canvas tote bags to the grocery store when shopping with their parents. Students will post their individual promises on classroom "promise tree" posters as daily reminders to stay committed.

Promisetreepollresults Through a partnership with Disney, students who pledged to make promises could also enter online at through February 10.  A total of 9,347 entries were received, and 50 were chosen as winners.  Although the sweepstakes to attend "Chevy Rocks the Future" is closed, eco-minded young people can still go online to make promises to better the environment. So far, more than 11,700 students have made promises in the classroom; more than 26,700 people have participated online, with 38% promising to recycle paper, plastic or cans; 34% promising to turn off the lights when leaving the room; 22% promising to turn off the water when brushing their teeth; and 6% promising to take a canvas bag to the grocery store to avoid using plastic.

The cumulative impact of the thousands of promises is significant. For example, switching off one 60-watt light bulb in an unoccupied room for an hour a day conserves nearly 22,000 watts of electricity a year, enough energy to power a month of evening TV viewing.

Askpattybegreen Hundreds of Los Angeles-area schoolchildren, including lucky winners of Chevy's "Promise to Live Better!" Educational Initiative, will participate. The Tuesday night event will celebrate promises that have been made to preserve the environment, and will introduce attendees to Chevy's lineup of gas-friendly to gas-free vehicles, and GM's advanced green technologies, providing them with an insider's view of how they actually work.

Attendees to the event were chosen from among those who entered their name in a contest at the RockTheFuture website. Thousands of schoolchildren visited the website  and made "promises" to make changes in their lives to help save water, electricity, and other vital resources to improve the environment.

All aspects of the Tuesday night "Chevy Rocks the Future" event have been designed with the environment in mind. Items associated with the event are either organic, made of sustainable materials, recyclable or biodegradable. For example the traditional red carpet has gone green, manufactured from recycled materials and lined with a hedge row that will contain the step-and-repeat on recycled paper. 

Fuelsolutions At "Chevy Rocks the Future," kids will be treated to an interactive, insider's look at how environmentally friendly technologies work through engaging "biosphere" areas as the science behind the cars is brought to life in unexpected and engaging ways. From a car that pops popcorn using biofuel technology to a "hybrid" laboratory that mixes chocolate and peanut butter for a winning combination, the exhibits introduce children to new and emerging vehicle technologies aimed at reducing petroleum dependence and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions.

The event will spotlight eight of Chevy's most innovative new fuel-efficient vehicles that are leading the way for the brand's "gas-friendly to gas-free" campaign. Other vehicles on the green carpet and at the event include the Aveo5 subcompact, the all-new Malibu Hybrid and the Camaro "Bumblebee" from the "Transformers" movie.

Other vehicles on display in the "biosphere" area include the Equinox Fuel Cell, Tahoe 2 Mode Hybrid, the Avalanche featuring E85 FlexFuel capability, the Impala with Active Fuel Management engine technology; and the Chevy Volt featuring the E-Flex extended-range electric propulsion system. (Please see accompanying fact sheet for a deeper description of the technologies.)

The Jonas Brothers recently drove the Equinox Fuel Cell vehicle and became enamored of Chevrolet's green lineup. "Being eco-friendly is important to us," said Nick Jonas. "We worked with our record label to come up with the first-ever CD-VU+ format, a 100-percent recyclable package."

Chevyrocksthefuture "Chevy Rocks the Future" is part of Chevy's "Driving Hollywood Green" campaign, which kicks into overdrive as awards season progresses, and features Chevy vehicles on both red and green carpets across Hollywood.

CELEBRITIES EXPECTED: Abigail Breslin, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli, Jim Belushi, Audrina Patridge, Joely Fisher, Wayne Brady, Lisa Rinna, Luke Perry, Shanna Moakler, Kathy Ireland, Bruce & Kris Jenner & their families, High School Musical stars Kaycee Stroh, Ryne Sanborn, and Olesya Rulin along with Disney stars Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Hannah Montana), Jason Earles (Hannah Montana), Chris Massey (Cory in the House), Camilla & Rebecca Rosso (The Suite Life of Zach & Cody), Sammi Hanratty (The Suite Life of Zach & Cody/ Pushing Daisies), Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place), Jake Thomas (Cory in the House, Lizzie Maguire) and many others.

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