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February 14, 2008

Ask Patty Around the World Blog Carnival: February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, and welcome to the AskPatty Blog Carnival where we provide a midweek fix of interesting automotive tidbits from around the blogosphere. While it might seem that the stars of this week's carnival are Bob Lutz and General Motors, we've also got cute kids and SuperBowl videos, an examples of a truly female friendly online shopping experience, and our usual collection of female friendly car news.

Myspacecomsuperbowlads This blogger at MediaPosts Marketing Daily blog felt this year's round of SuperBowl ads was unimpressive. Considering that the big game had an audience of 97.5 million viewers, nearly half of which were women. Gerry Myers asks if those $2.7-million 30-second spots were worth it. Did advertisers get their money's worth? Saying, "For an audience of more than 40 million women who spend 85 cents of every dollar, I found the mainly macho ad line-up to be not only annoying and sad, but bad business." Read more about the Superbowl Car commercials at

Frankhowardkid Speaking of advertising, it's not often we get to see such a cute little kid pitching any product, much less vehicles for his parent's car dealership. As a parent who has exploited my own son's cute factor for our answering machine's outgoing message, I can promise this one will just make you go "awwwwww....."

Gmlogofrown Yahoo is just one of the websites talking about how General Motors Corp. recently announced a $38.7 billion 2007 loss, the largest annual loss ever for an automotive company. General Motors is making a new round of buyout offers to U.S. hourly workers in hopes of replacing some of them with lower-paid help.

Boblutz Bob Lutz puts GM's "record loss" into perspective by announcing some other good news on the GM Fastlane Blog: retail sales in January were up 11.2%. Lutz pulled the old "bad news here, look over there" trick, pointing out that GM was one of the few automakers to report a rise in sales last month at 2.1%. According to AutoBlog's By the Numbers calculations, GM was the only automaker with multiple brands to do so.

Autobloggreen_logo Speaking of Lutz, AutoBlog Green quotes GM chairman Maximum Bob Lutz saying global warming is a "total crock of (you insert the expletive)." Not the kind of guy to mince words, we always welcome an opportunity to get frank with Bob. Apparently, at this outing, the old Bobster was very frank, indeed.

1991chevroletsilverado Frank Oresnik's trusty 1991 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck recently passed the 1 million-mile mark. He said he's had the truck's oil changed more than 300 times. Now there's some good publicity for Chevrolet, a company that has long been defending their reputation for quality.

Gmwhatnext Instead of GM telling its history through a traditional coffee table book, GM is opting to develop the "Generations of GM Wiki" to create a living, evolving history of GM's people and products during its first 100 years. Calling it an interactive, online "digital scrapbook," is encouraging everybody to contribute personal stories, recollections, anecdotes, factual information, photos and videos to augment the official timeline and provide a uniquely personal history as told through the eyes of employees, retirees, associates and the generations of families who shaped or experienced GM's history firsthand. Check it out at

Jodyatebay GM Certified Used Vehicles, the industry's top-selling manufacturer-certified used vehicle brand, has reached an agreement to collaborate in a variety of areas with eBay Motors (, the Internet's largest marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive, to support the 3,900-plus GM Certified Used Vehicles dealers in the U.S. As a first step, GM Certified Used Vehicles will list their entire national inventory on eBay Motors at no cost to dealers.

Jamie_lareau A few months ago, Jamie LaReau of Automotive News did something she never thought she would do: buy a car via the Internet. Now the veteran journalist says she wouldn't do it any other way. "I customized my C30 by e-mail. I signed the paperwork at home. The information I supplied over the Web to finance the car was well-protected. I returned the forms and a check for the deposit in a prepaid mailer the dealership sent me. The car was delivered to my doorstep in a day, on my schedule. I'm not surprised that dealers are selling more cars and trucks online. I liked having all the information I needed to buy my new car at my fingertips. I felt empowered by comparison-shopping on the Internet." Now THAT is a female friendly shopping experience!

Red_diesel_tank Clean diesel has come to town, says Andrea Learned.  If the winter's Frankfurt Motor Show is any indication, hybrids may have to move over. Says the LearnedonWomen blogger, "Betting that diesel power will become an alternative to the hybrids popularized by Toyota and other Japanese carmakers, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen all plan to sell new diesel automobiles in the United States in the coming year."

Banksy_pink_car_drips This week's dripping-with-pink car photo comes from ArtOfTheEstate wonders, based on its location, if it is a crane job, saying how else could somebody deposit "a knackered old Triumph GT6 atop a shipping crate"? According to aots, apparently this car has been here years but was painted a different colour before.

And that's it for this week's AskPatty Cars Around the World Blog Carnival! Make sure to submit your article for next week's "Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival" using the online form  or by emailing Ask Patty at

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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