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October 22, 2007

Through the Rear View Mirror - A Car Girls' Life - Classic Car Love Affairs

Gm_cadillac You know you're a car girl when you slow down on the freeway to Ooooohhhhhhhh and AHHHHHHHHHH over cars and when driving with a companion point out all the cool cars or not on the freeway like signs or landmarks along the way. I am constantly shopping cars on the parking lot freeways of Los Angeles, a slow moving car show, with every make and model imaginable on display.

What can almost cause an accident is when I see a well restored classic car of the 50's or 60's cruising along, as I am apt to speed up, change lanes or slow down to take in the breathtaking view,
(drool dripping down the corners of my mouth, LOL).  Now that really fires up my engine!

My great love affair with classic cars started in high school with my first kiss and my first boyfriend who drove a perfectly restored black and white '56 Chevy. It was love at first sight for him and HIS CAR!


Cadillac_interiorEarlier this month, I had the great privilege of driving a perfectly restored '56 Cadillac on a moonlit cruise around the shore of Lake Elizabeth. This car is only something a car girl like me would only dream to own and drive and talk about romance, woo hoo!  I totally understand why Elvis drove Cadillac's and why these cars were marketed to women; class, style, smooth ride with plenty of power, romance galore, soft white interior and luxury at it's finest for that day and time.

Funny fact from Wikipedia: One of Cadillac's styling attribute was its front bumper designs which became known as Dagmar bumpers or simply Dagmars. What had started out after the war as an artillery shell shaped bumper guard became an increasingly important part of Cadillac's complicated front grille and bumper assembly. As the 1950s wore on, the element was placed higher in the front end design, negating their purpose as bumper guards. They also became more pronounced and were likened to the bosom of 1950s television personality Dagmar.

Have a story about a romantic moment in a classic car? Please share by adding your comments below.

Copy_of_jody_devere_v71_3 Jody DeVere

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