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September 03, 2007

How Frequently Should I Really Change My Oil?

Oil_change_cartoon How frequently should I change my oil and do my driving habits have an effect on how often I change my oil? One of the great debates in the automotive world is oil drain intervals.  The correct oil change interval is the one prescribed by the engine manufacturer that can be found in a vehicle owner’s manual.  Oil drain interval is determined by the engine type, drive train, vehicle type and expected use.  Each manufacturer tests its own vehicles to determine the proper drain interval.

Some manufacturers may have changed to longer drain intervals as engines and motor oils are far more advanced over those produced even a few years ago.  However, this is not always true, so you should check the owner’s manual for the specific drain interval for every vehicle.  Full synthetic motor oils such as Pennzoil Platinum® with adaptive molecules that are designed to survive the searing heat, intense pressures and shearing forces, work in combination with the oil’s unique additive formulation to provide superior protection across the oil drain.

Understanding the type of driving you do with your vehicle is also beneficial.  Generally speaking, most people drive a severe cycle of short trip or stop and go type service and using the severe service drain interval is recommended.

There is not a downside to more frequent oil changes.  A shorter drain will provide the best defense against harmful engine deposits, better oil consumption control, improved fuel economy and lower wear on engine parts.  More frequent oil changes may also help you discover a more serious engine problem such as a coolant leak before serious damage occurs.

Engine deposits and wear are slow, sure killers of performance and engine life.  In most cases, by the time you are aware of an issue, the damage has been done and often cannot be reversed without an engine rebuild.  Changing the oil in a vehicle at the appropriate drain interval is the easiest, most cost effective insurance against lubricant related engine damage.  Using a full synthetic motor oil such as Pennzoil Platinum will provide the best protection for your engine.

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