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September 19, 2007

Blab About Your Car and Win Prizes!

Carblabber_logo_2 Ask Patty is announcing CarBlabber. It's car reviews for women by women like you!
What does your car mean to you? Is your car sexy? Do you love or hate your car? Is your car a fashion statement or a pile of junk? We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about your car.

But before we even talk about what you can DO on CarBlabber, let’s talk about what you can WIN! Ask Patty is offering a lineup of amazing products as prizes to CarBlabber members (and signing up is totally free!). All you have to do is create a profile, review a car and add a photo to your review!

Carriage_large_satchel_280 The grand prize is a Harvey’s seat belt bag valued at $224! The Harveys Carriage Large Satchel is so sophisticated and stylish! With enough room to carry your favorite novel, a makeup bag, and all other everyday essentials, this bag is a must have! The Carriage Large Satchel offers a convertible adjustable strap which is 42” when fully extended to make it even more versatile, and the bag comes lined with the Harveys signature material. The bag also comes with a drawstring storage bag and a Harveys Lucky Star key chain! Yowza! All that? Just for writing a review and adding some pictures? You bet your boots!

Carmd_tool_1_small_2 And that’s not all. We also have 12 – count them, TWELVE – CarMDs to give away too. The CarMD is a vehicle tester that can be used to monitor and maintain the health of your 1996 and newer car, light truck, minivan and/or SUV for the life of your vehicle. The red, yellow and green indicator lights help you instantly diagnose the health of your, your family's, even your neighbor's vehicles. It can help you to examine a used car before you buy, give your vehicle a clean bill of health before a road trip, and pre-“smog” test your car! It can tell you why your check engine light is on or let you get a second opinion on your mechanic’s report. This thing is so useful it’s ridiculous! I have one and have used it many times to help me out!

Carcare_guide_cover And it keeps going. We are giving away the Car Care Council’s official 56-page car care guide to the first 200 profiles with car reviews and photos. The guide covers nine major service occasions and 12 component groups of the vehicle, plus service interval recommendations, a maintenance log and much more. It’s the perfect size to fit into your glove box so you could have it with you whenever you need it! It would even fit inside a Harveys bag with your CarMD!

So what are waiting for? Do you want to know what you can do at CarBlabber?
    *Create a personal car profile
    *Write car reviews of any car you’ve ever owned or driven or heck, even seen!
    * Connect with other women who love or hate the same cars as you
    *Read reviews of cars written by women JUST like you before you buy your next car
    *Join car clubs online and find other car friends!
    *Create your own social network by founding a car club of your very own
    *Rate your cars and comment on others reviews

Why wouldn't you do it?! Ladies, we're talking about a free purse here! Wow!

Go to: and register now! 
(It’s 100% free) … go on, do it now…we you know you want to blab about your car!

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