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August 04, 2007

“Parking here for ‘Just a Minute…’ is 60 Seconds too long!”

United Spinal Association and quad rugby Paralympian Mark Zupan––star of the Academy Award-nominated documentary Murderball and United Spinal member––have teamed to produce a fast-paced and exciting new public service announcement targeting accessible parking for people with disabilities.

Expertly blending courtside shots of Zupan in his quad rugby wheelchair with footage of him behind the wheel of a specially adapted automobile, the PSA dramatically contrasts Zupan’s game strategy and his efforts to move a thoughtless driver out of a handicapped parking spot. With rapid visual cross-cuts and Zupan’s sharp narration, viewers are left with the clear message that parking in a handicapped spot, even for a minute, is “60 seconds too long.”

The spot, directed by the renowned United Kingdom-based filmaker, Doug Hurcombe of Astroman and produced by Ben Timlett of Ben & Bill Productions, will be offered to television stations, the internet and sports arenas nationwide.

Government studies estimate that the number of vehicles adapted for use by people with disabilities currently exceeds 400,000 and this figure is bound to grow as age-related disabilities affect a greater portion of our population. Misuse of parking reserved for people with disabilities is a little-known, but daily, frustration for the disabled community and inconsiderate use of these spots restricts their ability to shop, attend cultural events, make doctor appointments, and actively participate in the life of their communities.

United Spinal has been at the forefront of the battle to secure and defend the rights of all people with disabilities and ensuring full accessibility has been a major focus of our efforts for over 60 years. This informative new video serves as a lively reminder that the freedom and mobility of our fellow citizens with disabilities depends on the courtesy and respect of each of us.

Take action with our handy “Parking here for ‘Just a Minute…’ is 60 Seconds too long!” parking pad. Simply slip one of these informative reminders under the offender’s windshield wiper and you’ve made your point! 

United Spinal Association is a national advocacy and disability rights organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with spinal cord injuries and disorders. Guided by the belief that the benefits of athletic competition are no different for athletes with disabilities than for the able-bodied, the Association sponsors a wide variety of wheelchair recreational and adaptive sports programs. Membership in United Spinal is free and open to all individuals with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

United Spinal Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization. Our mission is to provide expertise, create access to resources and strengthen hope thereby enabling people with spinal cord injuries and disorders (SCI/D) to fulfill their potential as active members of their communities.


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