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July 20, 2007

Top 6 Trends for Future and Concept Vehicles

Concept2 Recently we read an article by Trends Magazine about the future of information and technology when it comes to automobiles. According to the editors at Trends, the information superhighway will have a major impact on this industry and will affect the cars you buy as well.

We wrote a post previously about Avis rental cars now offering wireless Internet in their vehicles. We also learned that Ford has recently partnered with Microsoft to “provide in-car communications and entertainment systems.” It’s called Sync and will be integrated into their vehicles.

So let’s talk about the Top 6 trends that
Trends Magazine is forecasting:
1.    In the near term, expect automobiles to embody every kind of communication and entertainment device imaginable.
2.    Cars will become the focus of virtual data storm in the near future.
3.    All this technology will spark controversy in more ways than one.
4.    Cheap bandwidth and processing power will permit automakers to incorporate anti-collision technology similar to that used to prevent midair collisions.
5.    During this time, technology will eliminate much of the work of driving so that motorists can use all of the new functions that will become possible.
6.    Technology, demography and attitudes will evolve to make fully autonomous automobiles commonplace in the United States by 2037.

Concept Wow. I would love to have all my communication devices completely integrated into my car. For example, wouldn’t it be awesome to get in your car with your phone and be able to dock it or have the car pick up the signal and transfer it to your speakers automatically? Nifty. Also, I love that this furthering in tech will add more safety measures as well. It’s obviously a long way off for vehicles to communicate with existing infrastructure, but the idea is really positive.

My only concern is the same one mentioned in the SEMA coverage of this article, and that’s if we lose all interactivity with our cars, will it still be fun to drive? I know not all you ladies are enthusiasts, but I really like driving my little sports car, and I bet a lot of women enjoy their cars too. What happens when the cars become so cookie cutter, they start to feel more like commuter trains? Well... LA needs a public transportation system as much as it needs less Ryan Seacrest on TV. So I guess when you put it that way, I’m all for it!

by Breanne Boyle

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