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July 12, 2007

Going Hands-Free with a Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Ap_jawbone_red As many states move to require hands-free cell phone use while driving, the popularity of Bluetooth headsets is beginning to increase. I've sampled (and returned) enough of these products to know no other Bluetooth headset I've tried works as easily or sounds as good as this one by Jawbone.

Ambient noise is an issue with many headsets and can make conversations difficult in noisier environments. (Have you been in a car with arguing kids in the back seat?) Jawbone with Noise Shield Technology uses a military-grade noise-canceling system that identifies and isolates your speech to determine precisely when you are talking; it then filters your speech from sounds nearby to virtually eliminate background noise so calls are clearer, delivering unparalleled audio quality. It also automatically enhances your incoming audio so you can better hear your caller.

Don't believe me? Check out the online demo  that allows you to hear the difference between a call made with a regular cell phone handset and with the Jawbone headset while gardeners use a leafblower in the background. It's amazing.

Ap_jawbone_red_front It's also quite lovely. Designed by the renowned Yves Behar, Jawbone takes mobile style to new heights. Jawbone's perforated shield curves to match the outline of your face while the inside surface is made from medical grade plastic to provide a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Jawbone can be worn on either ear, and you can customize your fit by choosing an earloop and earbud from the several shapes and sizes provided. Jawbone's ergonomic design enhances acoustic performance and keeps the device lightweight, stable, and comfortable. It's available online in elegant black or silver, and (ohmygosh) RED; most retail stores only carry the silver--if they even have it on the shelf. If you really want one of these, I recommend ordering online at; thanks to its excellent reputation, it can be difficult to find in stock.

A fully charged Jawbone provides up to six hours of talk time and up to 120 hours of standby time. Even though Jawbone is available exclusively at Cingular/ATT Wireless stores for $120, it is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets. The price includes a charger, as well as an assortment of earloops and earbuds to help ensure a comfortable fit.

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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