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July 31, 2007

Ask Patty Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: July 31st

Ask Patty is back again, recovering from BloghHer07 and bringing you our carnival for this week. We have scoured the internet for mentions of women and their cars. We pulled stories and posts that concern women’s cars in order to celebrate the launch of Ask Patty’s new feature: CarBlabber! Read on!

Edmunds_dog Edmunds Driving Woman blog has a funny story about driving her Lexus SUV: “The first time I drove a Lexus SUV, I was so excited that I decided to put on red lipstick at a stoplight. A mistake, for sure. The light changed and I got the lipstick smudged on the visor. At that point I decided to calm down…after all it was just an SUV.” And by the looks of her post, she had a co-pilot!

Gas_pump At Club Crafty, Crafty Lil Momma says that women are much more satisfied than their male partners...when it comes to their vehicles, according to the 2004 "What Women Want" Automotive Satisfaction Study, conducted for the sixth consecutive year by the Good Housekeeping Institute and J.D. Power and Associates. She lists the top things women want when car shopping, which includes safety, performance, substance, and fuel economy, among others. Check out the post to read the rest.

Green AutoBlogGreen is touching on the issue of women and their cars this week as well. They are spouting off about an article seen in the Des Moines Register that states, “Women make more than 85 percent of the purchasing decisions for their families, ... so increasing ethanol sales will depend on making the corn-based fuel more attractive to female consumers.” Well duh! So check out the reactions of the little bloggers over at AutoBlogGreen.

Girlsscouts_girl_keys And just because we love talking about women and their stories about car buying and car shopping, we thought we’d share this post from Wild Women Stories. She talks about her experiences shopping for a car at dealerships and how the experience was less than appealing (shocker!). Her husband doesn’t like it either! Take that dealers!

And speaking of chauvinists, check this out. You just absolutely have to.

Baby_boomer Baby Boomer Woman’s Countdown blogged about meeting Patty format BlogHer07. She mentions that features automotive advice for women and that Jody (aka Patty) was a fellow baby boomer! She says she’ll have to check out our blog if she ever decides to buy that Acura that she likes...or that sports car when she turns 50! She talks about how she loved Patty so much! Check out the rest of her update!

Lipsticking Speaking of CarBlabber, Yvonne at Lipsticking has posted about it! She says, “Let's face it - women like to talk. Talking is what we do best. Some women can talk through 19 hours of hard labor! Some women can talk through a wedding, in between sobs, of course. A lot of women talk in their sleep, so I've heard. Hop on over the Car Blabber and post a review... for heaven's sake, what are you waiting for?” THANK YOU YVONNE!

Carblabber_logo And so now, should we talk about CarBlabber? Oh okay, you twisted my arm!
Is your car sexy? What does your car mean to you? Do you love or hate your car? Is your car a fashion statement or a pile of junk? Ask Patty has just launched our new beta version social network for women to blog about their cars. That’s right. We want you to tell us all about your car and any car you’ve ever owned. You can tell us all the good, bad, and the ugly – we want to hear it all on CarBlabber.

That’s it for this week! Thank you for all of your submissions! Make sure to submit next week! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at

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