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April 11, 2007

Pontiac and Second Life Team Up With Motorati Island and the Show is Just Beginning

Motoraticarshow Ask Patty is always up on the automotive world we live in... and the world we "play" in as well. Second Life's Pontiac's Motorati Island is the online mecca of auto gamers and non-gamers alike. Check out the info on Motorati's Second Life Auto Show, as found on Motorati Life:

We had a record turnout last week as our ‘Second Life Auto show’ coincided with the ‘New York Auto show’. Our intrepid chearleaders Razen Nefarious, Mug Wildung and Jenn Xi were live at the NYAS taking the press and civilians on tours of Second Life and Motorati island. The attendance at our own ‘in world’ show was phenomenal, with many people raving about all the great vehicles on display.

Motorati_truck Our show continues until April 15th, so there is still plenty of time to check out the amazing cars and vote for your favorite. Pictured below is the current leader “Minotaur Monster Truck” by Khanaar Ingmann. There is still plenty of time left to shake things up with your vote.

We also had a ton of live performers at the Pontiac Garage as well as a slew of dance parties at the Parkade nightclub, Underwater Love and the new Underwater Love Pirate ship. Overall, I would say it was a great week here on Motorati island.

Stick around and see what Ask Patty will be doing on Motorati Island... you may be surprised where she'll be popping up... Stay Tuned!


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