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April 11, 2007

How Do Dealerships Become AskPatty Female Friendly Certified?

Window_sticker_2 Research shows thousands of women consistently feel patronized, disparaged, coerced and disrespected as a part of their buying experience. They shop and leave—taking their money with them.

The market opportunity for selling cars and trucks to women is highly lucrative and still largely untapped. Women control or influence 85% of all purchasing decisions By 2010, women will own 50% of U.S. private wealth ($12.5 trillion) Women represent 54% of the U.S. Population over age 18Firms are actively marketing to women, gaining women’s attention and engaging them in sales conversations.

In certifying dealers as female-friendly, has partnered with Maddox Smye, a premier diversity company that specializes in training salespeople to sell to women. Clients include: General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. 

The training and certification methods are based on the book "How to Get Rich Selling Cars and Trucks to Women," co-authored by founders Rebecca Maddox and Marti Smye.

Maddox states that the training and tests involved to become certified are not "fluff and puff," and does not just hand out certification to any dealer willing to pay. Dealerships must be willing to complete the year long training and certification process ! It’s high-level and hard work—much more like Harvard Business School than the local community college.

Program Structure

The Ask Patty Selling Cars and Trucks to Women program is more than training. It’s a twelve-month system focused on helping automotive retailers change their behaviors to accommodate the way women think, evaluate options, build trust and make buying decisions. The Ask Patty training and certification program includes a textbook  , followed by online study, test preparation training , a test and one year of regular support and materials.

Program Attendees

It’s particularly important that participating dealers are open to self-evaluation and are willing to put in the time and effort to change their own thinking and behaviors.

Maddoxbook Textbook:

Maddox and Smye deliver well-researched, new data on the women’s market.  If you’re thinking, “So what?” think again.  Did you know that 75% of women recently surveyed who were in the market for a car or truck nationwide said they would bring along a man to get a better deal?  Yet it's women, not men, who are purchasing 63% of all new cars, 53% of used cars, and influencing 85% of all auto purchases.  The savvy sales pro doesn't need the rest spelled out—the one who changes a woman's perceptions wins her over, wins her business—and her network!  This book explains it all, and is a must-read for anyone who wants the facts and the how-to’s for tapping into the lucrative, economically powerful yet grossly under-served, women’s market. 

Program Certification

Each dealership has an opportunity to  become an Ask Patty Certified Dealership once the certification process is completed and the program requirements have been met. These dealerships will be listed as ‘Female Friendly’ in the dealer search on the Ask website.

About Maddox Smye LCC:

Rebecca Maddox is President, CEO, and a founding principal of Maddox Smye LLC, an international specialty sales consulting firm.  Ms. Maddox is a much sought-after business advisor, helping Fortune 1000 companies increase market share and profitability by improving their ability to sell effectively to women.   A CPA with an MBA from Columbia, Ms. Maddox enjoyed a successful 20-year career in corporate America prior to founding Maddox Smye, holding positions that include CEO of Compass Rose, Inc., and senior vice president of both Capital Holding and Citigroup.  She also served on the Board of Directors of Right Management Consultants.  Author of the bestseller, Inc. Your Dreams, Ms. Maddox has appeared on CNBC and CNN, and is in constant demand as a speaker.

Marti Smye is Chair and a founding principal of Maddox Smye LLC.  Dr. Smye is a world-renowned organizational behaviorist and executive consultant.   Founder of PeopleTech, Inc., an international consulting firm which she subsequently sold to Right Management Consultants, she later served on Right's Board, along with Rebecca Maddox.  She currently leads the Coaching and Executive Development Division for Korn/Ferry International, the world’s largest executive search firm.   A registered psychologist and accomplished writer, Dr. Smye's books include:  You Don’t Change a Company by Memo:  The Simple Truths about Management Change, and Is It Too Late to Run Away and Join the Circus? A Guide for Your Second Life.  Dr. Smye is a popular guest on radio and television, appearing on such shows as NBC’s Today.

Liz Brayboy, Vice President of Client Services Consulting for Maddox Smye, is responsible for client development and management.  Ms. Brayboy is an experienced business manager and consultant with more than 20 years experience in financial services, both with Deloitte Consulting and as an independent.  Her expertise is in practice development and management, strategic planning, and operations and financial redesign. She was responsible for the successful delivery of scores of consulting projects for Big Six financial services firms.  Actively involved with the Deloitte Business Analyst Program for five offices, she was responsible for regional recruiting and national leadership coordination.  Ms. Brayboy received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yale University and her MBA in Finance and Management of Organizations from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

To become a female friendly certified dealer go here for more information:


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