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March 04, 2007

Cody Unser and Briana Walker Featured at RediAuto Sports Racing Event Irwindale Speedway

In a world where anything can happen, RediAuto Sport has found a solution to keep a persons world turning. Working with the most elite in their field, we are able to offer exciting technology to enable the disabled driver to experience the thrill of driving a sports car. RediAuto Sport is America's only supplier of sports cars with adaptive speed equipment for the disabled community. Having lost a leg due to a car accident in 1999, no one understands the needs of the disabled community better than our founder Daniel Reyes.

Looking to better and further the lives of the disabled community, he has worked tirelessly to find the safest and most advanced technology possible to adapt sports cars. 2007 brings us an exciting opportunity to bring the disabled community together and will enable many other suppliers of adaptive equipment to demonstrate their range of products to the disabled community too. Offering a wide range of options, the event is a first of its kind and is already attracting the attention of many celebrities and with many high profile vendors such as Nor-Cal Mobility, Mobility Works, Tri Lift and The Ability Center of Orange County amongst
many others already attending, the event is bound to be a huge success.

This combined with sponsorships from Budweiser, Ford Motor Company, Redbull, United Spinal Association, Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled Sports USA the event is now attracting a much wider audience than originally anticipated.

So, April 12th is the date, and Irwindale Speedway is the location of the event. With planned races and an array of entertainment and refreshments for the whole family, our event will bring a new opportunity to promote and advertise your product to the disabled community and beyond!

On a bright California Sunday afternoon Briana Walker was driving on the 55 Freeway when she fainted at the wheel of her black Honda Accord, hitting the cement median at seventy-five miles per hour. A young, aspiring dancer, just 23 years old at the time of her accident, Briana was determined to create an amazing life in spite of her new circumstances.                                        
One year after her accident Briana became the first female ever to be featured on the cover of Mobility Management magazine. Shortly thereafter Briana became the Krypto Girl for Colours Wheelchairs. Her images have now been used globally on buses and billboards to change the face of disability. Briana now enjoys skydiving, surfing, snow skiing, wakeboarding, competing in        marathons and triathlons, bungee jumping, and most of all - dancing.                                        
After meeting another Colours' model, Auti Angel, also a dancer and a pioneer in the hip hop world, Briana learned to transform her wheelchair into a dance prop,  and they created one of the first ever wheelchair hip hop dance teams to take the national spotlight.                                        
Speaking to groups all over the country, Briana Walker shares her contagious rebellion and inspiring courage with thousands - teaching them the principle - no matter what life throws at you - choose to dance anyway!

In the late afternoon of Friday, February 5, 1999, Cody was at 6th grade basketball practice in Albuquerque when she began to feel excessively tired, had difficulty catching her breath, developed a pounding headache and her legs felt heavy, numb and “tingly.” She was taken to the emergency room at Presbyterian Hospital and sent home after evaluation.

The next morning, Feb. 6, Cody was unable to walk and returned to the hospital, paralyzed below her chest. The mysterious symptoms were finally diagnosed as Transverse Myelitis, a rare but often paralyzing -- and sometimes fatal --spinal cord inflammation.         

It was April 1999 before Cody returned home, paralyzed and in a wheelchair but energized in her quest to build awareness of TM, promote cooperation among researchers and cure paralysis. Her accomplishments and activities have won national acclaim.         

Cody and her foundation have been featured in People magazine, on CBS 48 Hours and has appeared continuously in other national, regional, local and trade media.      

In March of 2001 Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico hosted a press conference in Santa Fe where Cody and her foundation announced the formation of a TM research consortium spearheaded by Johns Hopkins Hospital with the University of New Mexico coming on board as the first of many research partners.      

Cody won Prudential’s national 2001 “Spirit of Community Award” as one of America’s Top 10 youth volunteers. She also was the keynote speaker for the 2000 Amy Biehl Youth Spirit Award program in Albuquerque and the 2001 New Mexico 4-H Leadership Conference.   

Cody has also become a certified scuba diver, formed a foundation (with the help of NASCAR star Bobby Labonte), introduced mega-group SmashMouth in its 1999 Albuquerque concert, was the guest of Luc Longley at a Phoenix Suns game, met pop group N’Sync in Phoenix, received a citation from the New Mexico Speaker of the House, attended the Miami Project’s 2000 “Sports Legends” dinner in New York City and was also a guest at Christopher Reeve’s birthday party last September. That meeting with Reeve led to Cody’s ongoing relationship with the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

Cody lives in Albuquerque with her mom Shelley, sister Shannon and brothers Al and Joey.         
In September 1999 the Cody Unser First Step Foundation was created to generate awareness of Transverse Myelitis and promote communication nationally among hospitals and researchers who are trying to understand the condition. NASCAR star Bobby Labonte serves as Honorary Chairman.

We already know that NASCAR is fun for the whole family and our event will be of the same caliber. So, to become a part of this fun, exciting day, contact a member of our events team now for further information.

For more information please contact us at: RediAuto Sport -1327 Ocean Ave  Suite K Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone:  888-651-8378    

If you are interested in Sponsoring or investing in this event please contact Celia Veit at RediAuto Sport  (888) 651-8378  or


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