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December 12, 2006

Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: December 12th

Askpattylogotm1_48 Welcome to another amazing Ask Patty blog carnival! Thank you to all of our submitters from last week and this week. We appreciate your loyalty! This week we have some advice about reliable repair shops, some crazy rollover crash test pictures, some students who love cars, and a pink pocket knife. Yup. So roll down the windows and feel the breeze.

Gmrollover02430 GM recently debuted their new rollover crash test facility outside Detroit. The facility will be testing 150-200 cars in 2007 in this new facility. Rollovers only account for 2% of crashes but they account for 40% of fatalities. That’s a large number of people. GM’s new testing lab will test the new rollover-enabled side curtain airbags, which GM hopes to be standard in all vehicles in 2012. Edmunds Driving Woman blog was there to get all the action!

Annstevens Ann Stevens, former Ford auto executive, has branched out into industrial manufacturing and is the CEO of Carpenter Technologies, a 177-year-old company in Pennsylvania. Stevens left the automotive industry because she felt she would never break that proverbial glass ceiling. Well, she burst right on through at Carpenter and we say Hurray!

Controversial_shirt Promised to be the industry's most controversial t-shirt, Market Drive News offered dealers a shirt with a play on words from Viagra. Market Drive News’ “uplifting” slogan is referring to "walk-ups" or individuals who walk onto a dealership lot seeking to purchase a vehicle, but it is an obvious play on words with the Viagra reference. When will these men learn? This won’t help them win respect or sales.

Customer Women consumers are starting to affect the very roots of the automotive industry. Alfred State College created an ethics training program to help students understand the vulnerability and intimidation that many women experience when buying a car or seeking repair services. This course is required for students who are taking manager/consultant courses in order to run an auto business.

Pinkswissarmyknife Do women need tools to be pink in order to want to use them? Of course not. We can (and will) use any tools we want. Nice feel and ease of use is probably more important. But look at this little pink swiss army knife. It comes with a nail file, a pair of scissors, a flashlight, a pill box, a ruler, a mirror, needle and thread, a perfume bottle, tweezers, a pen, a knife and a corkscrew. The Learned On Women blog speaks her mind about these girly items.

Mechanic_1 Sure, you might be fed up with your mechanic charging what seems like a high price for service and parts… but do you know how expensive it is to run a shop and keep up with the latest technology? Let’s suffice it to say it takes a lot. Check out the advice from Autofix to see how your mechanic measures up.

Wrecked_car Speaking of shops, what about the “preferred” shops your insurance asks you to use? Are they really better than the other shops in your area? It depends. The insurance company  usually gets a deal on the price and the shop gets the customer. Debt Free lets you in on some things you should know about using a preferred mechanic.

SebringIf clicking on the laptop to play a game of solitaire or work a sudoku puzzle is your idea of relaxation -- after dinner or between meetings -- then the Chrysler Group thinks you might like its new Sebring sedan. You MUST play this online word game. It is addicting.  Plus, the fake people cheering you on is a nice lift to your day!

Ayes_logo The Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES) Future Techs are a part of AYES' nationwide initiative to provide superior training and opportunities for young people interested in careers in automotive technology. The students were able to visit the L.A. Auto Show and got a sneak peek at the latest concept and production vehicles, new technologies, and the opportunity to interview manufacturers and share opinions on their offerings and trends.

Car_check Are you trying to sell your car or truck and don’t want to spend a fortune trying to fix it up to be in “sellable” condition? You really don’t have to, says the Times Daily. There are some basic rules you should follow, but otherwise it should be stress free. One tip: never take a personal check from a buyer; always ask for a cashiers check or cash.

Wmelissadb1477p2_4062923_348911full And last, Ask Patty wants to congratulate journalist Melissa Terry, of  The Salisbury Journal, who was awarded the Mitsubishi Motors' Regional Motoring Journalist of the Year award by the Guild of Motoring Writers. She said: "Motor journalism is, undoubtedly, a man's world so to win this award is a way of proving women can do the job just as well.” Right on!

Join us next week for more of the carnival! Please remember to submit your article using the online form or by emailing Breanne at


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