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December 05, 2006

Ask Patty - Automotive Advice for Women Blog Carnival: Week Around the Auto World December 5th

Askpattylogotm1_47 Once again, a big Ask Patty thank you to all those fellow automotive and women bloggers out there for submitting their great car and truck related posts every week. This week we have been hearing about the L.A. Auto Show and we have some posts from out there in the blogosphere that cover all the things we didn’t. We also have some holiday-themed posts this week. And before you say, “What? Holidays? It’s too early!” I want to remind you that Christmas is only 21 days away!

747tow When you are searching for an SUV that can town your toys well, think about the VW Touareg V10 TDI. Yeah yeah, just another SUV. What makes it so special? Well, it can tow a Boeing 747, for one. Watch the video if you don’t believe me. If it can do that, you probably don’t need to worry about it towing your motor home or jet skis uphill. I bet the gas mileage is terrible when you tow a plane.

Equinoxfuelcell The big engines and horsepower kings are no longer the center of attraction at the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to, comfortable seats and stereo/gps/hi-tech gadgets are drawing consumer interest. Between the VW Rabbit, Toyota’s Yaris and the impressive collection of new hydrogen fuel cell test vehicles, we’d say the industry is taking a turn.

Giftglobe What do you get the car guy for the holidays? Another lugnut set? A new set of tires? How about a cardboard car air freshener (perfect stocking stuffer!). You aren’t the only ones stumped. Check out some of the posted suggestions at the CarCraft blog, and stay tuned for Ask Patty’s Gift Garage this Thursday!

Burger Does the idea of eating and driving freak you out? There is a reason snack foods come in those little individually wrapped pouches: containment. Do these words make you panic when put in relation to driving? Burger. Burrito. Nachos. Pizza. I bet they do! What is your favorite eat-and-go food? Post your comments on the SportCompactCar blog. You’re in good company over there.

Bloggers_1 The L.A. Auto Show brought with it a chance to meet a lot of other bloggers. One of our faves is the Silicon Vally Moms Blog. They have some great family-oriented stories on their site. Jody and Breanne of Ask Patty met Beth of the SVMB at the show and we learned about her need for auto maintenance! Beth, get that car in the shop! Check out her coverage of the show at this hip blog.

Walmartsafety Holidays should be enjoyed, but there are many situations that can turn hazardous or unsafe in a second during the Yuletide season. A lone woman, loaded down with Christmas gifts after an exhausting evening of shopping, negotiates the dimly lit parking lot with her head down, possibly unaware of her surroundings except for the puddles she is trying to avoid. Sounds like mugging waiting to happen! Check out some of the other dangers at The Moultrie Observer.

One of the most costly things about repairing a car is finding the problem. Most cars have a computer that will set a code and activate a check engine light to let you know there is a problem. And taking it to the mechanic’s for a diagnostic test can be pricey. BuyAnAuto blog has a great idea on how to be more prepared when you head in to the shop for needed repairs.

Carmd_tool_1_1 Speaking of great diagnostic tools, check out the CarMD. This little baby is cool! The CarMD is a tester (OBD II) that you can use to monitor and maintain the health of your 1996 and newer car, light truck, minivan and/or SUV for the life of your vehicle. It has these easy-to-read indicator lights that help you instantly diagnose the health of your vehicle, your family's vehicles, or even your neighbor's vehicles! Ask Patty is giving away 25 of these cool tools!

Looks like this guy could’ve used one of these OBD II testers! His story is hilarious.

That wraps up another carnival! Thank you for hanging out and be sure to submit next week through the form or just email Breanne at


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