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November 30, 2006

Ask Patty Gift Garage: Week Three

Askpattylogochristmas_2 We took a breather for the L.A. Auto Show this week so the Gift Garage is moved officially to Thursday. Now every week on Thursday you can come to Ask Patty and learn all about the coolest auto gifts for gals. Make sure to mark your calendars!

Calendar_preview Speaking of calendars, the Lyn St. James Foundation has a calendar on sale for this year and it’s super cute! The Mission of the Lyn St. James (LSJ) Foundation is to provide leadership, vision, resources and financial support in order to create an open environment for women's growth in automotive fields. Through its driver development program, the LSJ Foundation has trained more than 150 female race car drivers from 38 states and two countries and has also contributed to Girls, Inc., the Wilbur Shaw Soap Box Derby in Indianapolis, as well as other charitable organizations. Show your support and purchase this great motor sports calendar!

Bucklebag Purses are always great gifts. But if you want a unique take on the plain, check out Bucklebags. They have purses, messenger bags, and backpacks all made out of seatbelts! And it’s not just the ugly tan and brown and black colors that you see in your own car. They have pink and white and orange and yellow… and just about any color you could think of! They even have great options for the man in your life.

If you are feeling crafty and want to make something automotive for a gift, why not create your own purse out of seat belts? Copy these directions and give it a whirl. Hey, it’s better than gluing some gears together and calling it “art.” Better yet, save your time and just buy a cute one from Bucklebag and say you made it!

Carturn_1 What do you get the gal with everything and a huge driveway? How about a CarTurn? Wait, I’ll tell you what it is. It is basically a large turntable for your car or truck. CarTurn allows you to turn your car effortlessly, eliminating the need to back into traffic. It can be installed above ground in a few minutes in your driveway or even your garage. It will rotate your car or truck up to 360 degrees!

Belt There are other car-type belts out there but this one has panache and funky style add to the equation.  Be the first to own it! The Tattoo Bottle Cap Belt is all about attitude and looking good. It is made from recycled rubber and bottle caps with creative tatoo art. The belt features an automotive seat belt buckle with three snaps for micro-adjusting your belt, plus the buckle snaps off so that you can easily glide your belt through smaller belt loops.

Tn_autosharp_5 Dings in your car are about the worst thing to come back to when you are out holiday shopping. Someone parked too close to you and they come out of the shop, loaded to the sky with shopping bags, open their car door too wide and BANG! Well, what if you could saunter right over and with a tool as small as a pen, cover up the ding? You can! With the AutoVisuals pen, you can get the exact match to your car paint and carry it right in your purse. It covers up dings and scratches like a charm!

Bikelamp We cover mostly automotive products at Ask Patty but we couldn’t pass up this seriously funky lamp. It is made from bike components and has unique ways of lighting up. Even for a weekend gearhead, this is a fun gift. We guarantee it will be different from every other gift they receive!

Tune in next week for more great gifts!


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