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October 01, 2006

Street Dance off challenge--Ellen DeGeneres

Pink_ribbon_gs_1 So, I saw this guy dancing on a street corner and stopped to film it and found out that he is totally committed to raising awareness for Breast Cancer.  It was totally out of left field but I thought it would be cool for Ellen DeGeneres to see this and maybe dance with him!!!  I put the music to that cool new tune by Gnarles Barkley "does that make me crazy" because I think it has a great message, that just because you may think something or someone is crazy don't just make assumptions.  That's why I got out of my car to get his "underdaugh's" story because you can't judge a book by it's cover and this guy is dancing to try and help women have a better life hopefully free of Breast Cancer. They can find a cure for invasive Breast Cancer in our lifetime and if we can get Ellen to come dance in Florida than we could raise even more awareness about cancer, the illness and the effects of breast cancer on women not only in the united states but around the world.  A live show featuring Gnarles Barkley singing "does that make me crazy" and Ellen DeGeneres and Underdaugh dancing on my street corner to raise awareness for National Breast Cancer month. Instead of run for a cure we should dance for a cure to bring breast cancer out in the open and raise money for it's cure.                


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