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October 20, 2006

Can I Option In A Fax Machine?

Breanne_5by Breanne Boyle
Most of us are guilty of yakking on the phone while driving. Admit it, you’ve done a bonehead maneuver while your cell was glued to your ear. I used to hate cell phones. I used to loathe getting calls in my car because it interrupted my music listening and I had to roll up windows, close the moonroof and turn off the radio before I picked up the call. Only to roll ‘em back down, open it back up, and turn it back on and do it all over again.

Cellincar I found myself in a predicament recently that made me realize how much my views have changed. I had to leave work early to go to a recent Halloween party (I went as a fairy, in case you were wondering. You were.). My cell phone was dead when I got into the car but have no fear, Car Adapter is here! I had even brought phone numbers in with me so I could do some “work” while driving to this party. I popped in my charger and plugged in the phone and… nothing. I looked at my charger and the little red light that lets me know it’s getting juice wasn’t on. Weird. It had worked only a few days earlier. So I powered up my phone anyway thinking the light just might be screwy. I am in the middle of complaining to my cable company when the phone gives me three short beeps and says “Goodbye!” Well, I guess it wasn’t the light.

So now I am stuck in traffic with nothing to do. Nothing. I keep thinking stupid thoughts like, “Oh I will just call my boss and tell her my phone is dead in case she is trying to call.” Duh. My brain is so attached to the idea that I have this mobile office in my car that I can’t quite explain to it that I have no phone access. The thoughts kept coming: “Hmm… maybe I could call my Mom and ask Her to call the cable company.” Double duh.

Readingincar I felt so cut off from all of humanity. I am looking around at all of these other happy commuters on their Bluetooths and headsets and I start to feel withdrawal symptoms. What can I do to pass the time without my mobile office functioning? Turn on the radio? That’s a silly idea. Too bad I can’t read while driving… (I’ve seen it folks: newspaper spread out over the steering wheel in traffic, no lie). I start wishing for things I could have optioned into my next mobile office. A fax machine. A coffeemaker. An assistant. Oooh, a bagel shop.

I’ve even been known to (don’t tell anyone) text message in the car. I know, I know. That is so much worse than talking into a little box. At least you can still watch the road. My husband thinks I am crazy about the phone usage. At least I haven't slumped to the level of using it during dinner. That would definitely make me over the edge. I haven't gone there yet! Right?

Have we all gone a bit too far with our cell phone usage in the car? What do you think? Post your comments.


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