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August 04, 2006

Your Turn to Give Some Expert Advice!

Want to join the fun and offer your expert advice to consumer women? Four_women_1

Here are some of the tougher questions from consumers for AskPatty this week - Bring your expert answers on!

Question from Sue: I own a 1997 Toyota Camry. It currently has 151,000 miles on it. It needs work, currently struts, power motor for driver window and blower for A/C-heat. Is it worth investing these costs, or should I just go and buy another used vehicle, say a 2006 toyota model? Appreciate any advice you can give me.

Question from Lore:  I live in floral Park and work in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. I often drive to Md and Ct. The ride to work is about 40 miles per day. I presently own a 2003 Camry with 71,000 miles. I am still paying for it. What suggestions do you have in terms of changing the car in order to avoid simultaneously making major repairs and paying a car note.

Question from Rock:  Who bought more cars last year men or women here in the us and how many total?

Question from Sue: I own a 1997 Toyota Camry. It currently has 151,000 miles on it. It needs work, currently struts, power motor for driver window and blower for A/C-heat. Is it worth investing these costs, or should I just go and buy another used vehicle, say a 2006 toyota model? Appreciate any advice you can give me.

Question from Demetria: My 99 Ford Expedition will not go in reverse, do you have any idea what the problem(s) could be?

Question from Lauen: I am really getting tired of always having to call someone to help me when something goes wrong with my truck. And when I want to learn what to do and how to fix things on my truck, no one shows me or lets me get involved so I decided that I want to learn how to deal with my truck on my own. The only problem is I really can not find any place that offers classes on the basics. I was wondering if there was any way you could tell me who to call or where to go for auto classes. I live in Howell Michigan so I really don't wnat to drive to far out of my way.

Question from Randy: I have a 02 CRV.I hear a popping sound, of course only sometimes( a couple of time daily). It appears to be coming somewhere in the front end. It usually happens at very slow speeds. It sounds like a pop coming from a build-up of tension?, similiar to spring building tension. My CRV has about 72000 miles. It is not a real loud noise, but it is very noticeable. Any suggestions? Thanks, R Colbert

Question from Lisa: Does it really make more sense for me to have my infant car seat placed behind the passenger seat in the 2006 toyota prius? They say the middle has a bump on the seat which would make the car seat unstable.

Question from Lee: Where do I find the fuel filter on a 1984 GMC 3500

Post your expert answers in the comments section at the bottom of this post!


Question from Raquel : I have a Honda CRV 2002 that had a premature mechanical failure and I out of warranty at 80,ooo miles. American Honda is offering a used engine for 3,000 and I will pay 1500. I am still paying it off and don't have that kind of money. I have excellent upkeep records and feel like I have been given a raw deal. If you have any other women or men who have had valve problems with their CRV 2002 can you please let me know? Thank you.

If you have maintained your vehicle according to manufacturers recommendations, including recommended periodic valve adjustments there is no reason your engine should have valve problems. This vehicles engine does have issues that cause the exhaust valves to tighten and will cause the engine to run rough, if you did have the valves adjusted at the proper intervals it should not have had a problem. My opinion is that $1500.00 for a used engine is a good deal if they give you a warrantee of 12 months and/or 12 , 000 miles at a min.

From LMK: I am interested in becoming an autosales woman, but I haven 't met any women in that field and I don't even think they are in demand,is what I feel right ,thanks.

From Paulette: When I went to jack my car up the jack point bent and pushed up into the car rather than jacking the car up. Isthis safe to drive? It is a 1998 Mercury Villager.

From Miranda: I recently purchased an 02 Ford Escape. It has started making a clicking noise when I tap the break, It is not shifting into R very well. And today there was some front end vibration as I was driving. The vibration only occured in a certain gear (2nd or 3rd...couldn't tell which). Is my transmission going, gone, or could there be a more simple solution to these

From Joann:
Is it beneficial to pay for an extra clearcoat auto paint protection option offered by The Protector on a new porsche?

Answer: I always trust more protection on any vehicle.  Sealants are a great way to go because they offer a warranty to back up what they claim.  We have all seen what the daily elements can do over time to any surface.  With a sealant, regular waxing and washing you should keep your Porsche in showroom shape for many years!  The Protector company has been offering packages for many years and many, many dealerships stand behind them on quality and service.
Debbie Lee
Professionals Car Care

From Brian: What is the safe following distance betwen two cars? What is the proper procedure for a motorist when a bicyclist is occupying too much space for you to share the lane?

From Lane: Difference in front seat: Legacy SE wagon (cloth) vs leather seat in other Subarus? On my two test drives , everything felt fine. but now that I've -um- actually bought a new SE Legacy wagon and am driving it further, its front seat (cloth) feels VERY hard (lumpy almost and just does not conform to my bottom, despite all the power adjustments). Somehow I think the cloth model seats on the Spec. Ed. may be cheap, as opposed I got a factory defect. Maybe the seatd are designed for 25-year men, not short. older women?? I think now that the reviewers I read may have been testing out higher end models (which have LEATHER seats). Adding a foam pad doesn't seem to help. Perhaps the cloth & leather seats are quite different in construction. Would welcome any advice you can give. The rest of the car I loved, but seat has got me worried alot. Thanks

From Jeanne:
 My question is:  I am considering buying a Pontiac Solstice or a Saturn Sky.  Any opinion on this?

From Betty: I have a 2001 catera, with 16,000 miles on it, and no warranty. I have been told it needs a head gasket, which because of labor, could be expensive.  Kids say trade it- if i'm going to anyway--just how much should i expect it to cost? any suggestions? do you know of any recalls for this? thanks a bunch.

From Jody:
  I have a question about my 2002 Honda CRV, I have had this car about a year and half, when I got it there was about 35,000 miles on it. Now I have it up to 53,000. About 3 weeks ago the engine light came on, I had it checked out on the computer at my local honda dealer, they told me that the O2 sensor was bad so I had it change at a cost of 239.00. The light came back on, so I took it back, then they tell me that, that O2 sensor is bad. So I thought I would get a second option I took it to my local O'Reilly's store were they told me up come up with a code of P1167 Ho2S11 then the guy called another honda dealer and was told that it was my ECM and that the car could leave me hanging some where by just stopping without any notice. So who do I believe? Also if it is the ECM that sounds like it could cost a lot more money?  Thanks for any help you can offer.

From Christine: I purchased a new 2006 Toyota Corolla in March of this year. When I had my oil changed at 5,000, the technician told me the transmission was leaking. I took it to the dealer and they have to completely replace my transmission. Should I accept this or request a new car? Thanks in advance.

From Lisa: I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between "requiring" premium fuel vs. "recommending" premium fuel for my 2003 Infiniti FX45 (V8) vis-a-vis the Infiniti manual. I don't want to mistakenly void a manufacturer's warranty, however, at the same time, using premium octane fuel is quite expensive and seems unnecessary. Any particular recommendation for this vehicle?

From Jen: I have a Hyundai Tiburon, the factory paint job is pealing. I was told that the clear coat is not adhearing to the car and that this is a factory deffect. The car is a 97', and what I'd like to know is if the dealership is responsible for this error.


Post your expert answers in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

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